November 2nd - 5th 2017 in Downtown Detroit
Cobo Center & Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Youmacon has a great set of staff members who help put the convention together every year. However, as the convention grows so to does our need for more staff to help keep the convention working smoothly. So what do you need to know if you want to be a member of staff?

What department is hiring?
  • Each department hires according to it's needs and some may still be looking for last minute staff. However there are currently no departments that are specifically looking for new staff at this time.
How do I become a member of staff?
  • The easiest method to become a member of staff is to take advantage of our Volunteering and Intern programs. More info on these are posted to the website and forums. If you are a good volunteer or Intern, work directly with a department that you want to join and that department head likes you then you can easily get hired.
  • Department Heads often need staff and will put out feelers on social media, the forums, and even post to our website that they are hiring. Keep a look out for these. You can also contact the department heads directly or staff members to get you in contact with a department head in order to find out if they are hiring and would like to consider you to be a member of staff.
What requirements are needed to be a member of staff?
  • All staff must be at least 18 years old as of the time of the convention.
  • All staff must be willing to work at least 24 hours during the convention.
  • All staff must follow all convention rules and regulations.
  • All staff must adhere to a specific staff code of conduct and non-compete agreement.
  • Each department has other specific requirements which will be outlined by them.