November 3rd - 6th 2016 in Downtown Detroit
Cobo Center & Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Want some original artwork or looking for some art of your favorite series? Then look no further! In support of independent artists we offer them the opportunity to show off their works to you, the anime community (and give them the chance to maybe make a few bucks). If you're looking for custom artwork or want to commission a piece then this is the place to look.

Our Artist Alley is currently full for 2016, however you can join our AA waiting list on our Registration Page.

Join our Artist Community, Visit our new Artist Alley Facebook page. Questions? Please contact our Artist Alley team.


Electricity is an option, however it is the responsibility of the Artist to arrange electricity with Cobo; Youmacon does not provide it.

Restricted Items and Guidelines for AA

The following is a comprehensive list of genres, items and themes we do not allow in Youmacon's Artist's Alley. Please be aware that this list will change as the ban on certain items may be lifted, or new ones introduced.

There is no tolerance for any of the listed following, and if it is caught in the AA, the artist selling will be asked to remove said items.

If artist refuses to comply, the artist and any table mates will be ejected from the alley. (This means if you are sharing a table, be sure you know what your fellow is selling!)

Also, if anyone has any knowledge of other copyrighted items that they've heard that the creators would like to not be sold, please let me know in a note or in a comment to the group. Thanks!



1. Absolutely no pornographic artwork of children.

-Please guys, this is gross. If I have to spell it out for you, then it's safe to assume it's not allowed.

2. Absolutely no bestiality.

-Anthropomorphic creatures are an exception to this rule, but please do not depict them engaging in sexual intercourse, fellatio or other sexual activities with what appears to be a true animal; fantasy or realistic.

As always, make sure your adult content is marked and covered from plain sight with a shield of some sort, to protect the sanity of more sensitive individuals.


1. Crafted items pertaining to Gravity Interactive, Warp Portal and their subsidiaries.

-Fanart is still allowed.

2. Crafted items pertaining to Square Enix, and their subsidiaries.

-Fanart is still allowed. Crafts with a theme pertaining to their games (I.E. a patch, or white mage bag for instance) is still ok.

-This means no replicated items from any of their franchises.

3. No fanart or crafted items pertaining to Homestuck/MSPaint Adventures or other work copyrighted by Andrew Hussie.

-Absolutely no troll horns. Conchair's orders.

4. Crafted items pertaining to VGCats.

-Fanart -may- be ok.

5. No replicated items from anything Disney, Lucasfilms and their subsidiaries.

-This means exact replicas of items found in movies or shows copyrighted by the Walt Disney Company.

-Fanart is still ok.

6. No fanart from Welcome to Nightvale.


1. No clothing sales.

-You may take orders for clothing items and have a book of references.

-You may sell clothing accessories.

-You may still sell t-shirts, but please limit it.

2. No Hats.

-The Dealer's Room is better suited for hat salesmen/women.

-You may still offer hats as a small portion of your overall merchandise.

3. No Food, candy and anything else consumable.

-This is against the rules in Cobo, and frankly not safe due to allergy and poisoning fears.

-A dish of free candy with purchase is still ok.

4. Glowsticks, flashlights and other rave blinkies.

-You did not make these, you should not be selling them in the AA. Year after year I have to tell people to stop selling glowsticks, I will just start asking you to leave with no chances if you continue to disobey this one.

5. No copies of existing plushies.

-This means do not take an existing plushie that you bought from VIZ, Funimation or various Japanese companies, and make copies of it. This is bootlegging.


1. T-Shirts

-It is felt that T-Shirt salespeople would be better served in the Dealer's Room.

2. Metalworking.

-It is felt that the salespeople of this would be better served in the Dealer's Room. So far the metalworkers that have been in the AA have had a small stock of items that would not round out a full booth in the Dealer's room, but this could change.

3. My Little Pony plushies

-while I realize there are people who actually have their own design and make the plushies from scratch, they are almost -too- good, and nearing bootleg category. So far there's been no word of banning, but I just wanted to put that out there so those of you who have superb pony plushies, are not surprised if the worst happens.