November 2nd - 5th 2017 in Downtown Detroit
Cobo Center & Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

He’s Kieran Strange, a quirky and powerful young artist blending pop sensibilities, dynamic guitars, and high-energy live rock shows into his own brand of geeky British pop punk. At the age of seventeen, he left his small English fishing village behind in order to chase his dream of making music; he travelled to Vancouver (Canada) where he now resides. After discovering more about his own gender identity, Kieran changed his pronouns from “she” to “he” in the summer of 2016. These days, he always makes sure he is open, outspoken, and passionate in his beliefs; some of the causes he fights to support include LGBTQ+/SAGA issues, feminism, autism awareness, racial equality, and many other forms of mental health and suicide awareness. He encourages you to check out The Kaleidoscope Project on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to shoot a tweet via @kieranstrange and @suuuupaadave during the con, and say hi! (And in case you’re wondering: Kieran, and Dave are all comfortable with He/Him/His and They/Them/Their pronouns, and encourage that you let them know what your preferred pronouns are when you meet them! ;D)