November 2nd - 5th 2017 in Downtown Detroit
Cobo Center & Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

He’s baaaaack! And he’s brought his revamped 2017 Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show with him!

Videogame fans know him as Albert Wesker in seven “Resident Evil” games — from 2007’s “Umbrella Chronicles” to 2016’s “Umbrella Corp” — a decade of badassery. Also as Legion in “Mass Effect” 2 & 3, Kamoshida in “Persona 5,” Pod 042 in “Nier: Automata,” Azrael in “Blazeblue,” Zero in “Zero Time Dilemma 3,” Raven in “Tekken 6,” and many more Japanese RPGs.

Anime fans may know him as The Professor in “Cyborg 009,” X Drake in “One Piece,” or Jasley in “Mobile Suit Gundam: IBO” season 2!

Cartoon fans may know him as Chase on “Transformers: Rescue Bots” or as Colonel Rawls on the final season of “Regular Show!”

Film & TV fans may know him as Pa Kettle in “Z Nation,” Bud in “Sharknado 2,” Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” or from his other 200 appearances on random shows and weird films over the last 25 years.

Check him out on IMDB and to spot more titles you know. Just remember, if you only see one thing of his this weekend, make sure it’s his 2017 Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show!