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Jon St. John is an American voice actor who started out as a radio DJ at the age of 14.

Best known as the voice of the first famous FPS - DUKE NUKEM, Jon is also heard on games such as: World of Warcraft, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Sonic Adventure, Heroes of Newerth, Rochard, Guild Wars 2, Counter-Strike, DoTA2, Star Trek: Online, and D&D Neverwinter and Bombshell to name just a few.
Jon is often heard on national advertising campaigns such as Bud light, Brisk Ice Tea, Ford Motor Co., Disney DVD’s, Concert Tours such as Steely Dan, Bill Maher, and Barry Manilow, and TV promos on Nickelodeon. Jon has also provided various character voices for attractions at theme parks including Legoland California, Dollywood in Tennessee, and Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo.
An honored guest at gaming conventions around the world, Jon is one actor who really enjoys meeting his fans - so be sure to step right up and shake his hand.


Known for his work in Space Dandy, Steins;Gate, Ben-To, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Attack on Titan, Tyson Rinehart has been in the voiceover industry since the early 2000’s. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at @AttackonTyson.

Keith Silverstein is a veteran voice actor with an impressive and diverse list of credits. He’s the voice of Torbjorn in the smash hit game Overwatch, Hisoka on Toonami’s Hunter x Hunter, Hawk Moth on the fan favorite Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Speedwagon in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and most recently joined the cast of One Piece Film: Gold as mega-baddie Gild Tesoro!  

He can also be heard as Vector the Crocodile in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. Resident Evil fans know him as HUNK. Street Fighter fans will recognize him as Gouken. To fans of Viz’s new Sailor Moon he’s the maniacal Professor Tomoe.

Not enough for you? Here are a few other titles under his VO belt: Persona 5, Skip Beat, Batman: Arkham Knight, Glitter Force, Bleach, K Missing Kings, Magi, Tiger & Bunny, Persona Q, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Soul Calibur, Doraemon, Skylanders, Naruto, AJIN, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Sword Art Online, Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Durarara!!x2, and Disney’s Stitch!

Other notable credits include: Lupin the Third in Lupin the Third: Jigen’s Gravestone, Kirby O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Char Aznable in Gundam The Origin.

For more info on Keith Silverstein visit his website at, or check out Keith Silverstein Voice Artist on Facebook and @SilverTalkie on Twitter.

He’s baaaaack! And he’s brought his revamped 2017 Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show with him!

Videogame fans know him as Albert Wesker in seven “Resident Evil” games — from 2007’s “Umbrella Chronicles” to 2016’s “Umbrella Corp” — a decade of badassery. Also as Legion in “Mass Effect” 2 & 3, Kamoshida in “Persona 5,” Pod 042 in “Nier: Automata,” Azrael in “Blazeblue,” Zero in “Zero Time Dilemma 3,” Raven in “Tekken 6,” and many more Japanese RPGs.

Anime fans may know him as The Professor in “Cyborg 009,” X Drake in “One Piece,” or Jasley in “Mobile Suit Gundam: IBO” season 2!

Cartoon fans may know him as Chase on “Transformers: Rescue Bots” or as Colonel Rawls on the final season of “Regular Show!”

Film & TV fans may know him as Pa Kettle in “Z Nation,” Bud in “Sharknado 2,” Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” or from his other 200 appearances on random shows and weird films over the last 25 years.

Check him out on IMDB and to spot more titles you know. Just remember, if you only see one thing of his this weekend, make sure it’s his 2017 Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show!

Dameon Clarke Born in Mississauga Ontario Canada, Dameon Clarke has had a long and interesting career in acting. Starting at an early age, Dameon has played a variety of dynamic characters from family man to serial killer and has picked up several best actor awards along the way. Dameon is perhaps best known for his appearances in shows like "Graceland", "24", "Castle", "Supernatural" and "Prison Break" as well as films "I Love you Philip Morris" and "How to be a Serial Killer." In addition to film and television roles, Dameon is known for his voiceover work in countless animated series, notably Dragon Ball Z, and in video games such as the Borderlands franchise and Tales From The Borderlands as the villainous "Handsome Jack."

Brooklyn born and raised singer/songwriter Eric Stuart is a special blend of talent. He has successfully combined the world of music, voice acting and directing for many years. He has starred in hit shows including Pokémon (Brock, James), Slayers (Gourry Gabriev), and Yu-Gi-Oh! (Seto Kaiba).

Other projects in Eric’s impressive career are Viva Piñata, Ultimate Muscle, Dinosaur King, Kirby, Slayers, Chaotic, Sonic X, TMNT, GoGoRiki, One Piece, F-Zero, Magical DoReMi, Fighting Foodons, Shaman King, Descendants Of Darkness, Labyrinth Of Flames, Valkyrie Profile, Tama And Friends, and voicing many national radio and TV commercials and audiobook narrations.

Eric Stuart stars as the voice of Seto Kaiba in the highly anticipated North American feature film release of Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS.

Fox Amoore (Iain Armour)  is a pianist and composer from Scotland. He started playing the piano at age 5 and professionally at age 14. Fox has achieved some amazing goals during his music career: composing and recording two albums at Abbey Road Studios, playing at the famous Cavern Club and Lee's Tavern, seven studio albums, and collaborations with many others including composing for Nintendo and Steam games. He is also currently in the works on a Las Vegas production.

Fox Amoore completed his second album recording, “The Dreamcatcher”, at Abbey Road Studios in February. Featuring the world famous seventy piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a 40 person choir from Eclipse Choir and Opus32. Pepper was also featured on “The Dreamcatcher”. Mixed by award winning sound engineer (Avatar, Skyfall, Spectre) Simon Rhodes.

Pepper Coyote (Jared Clark) lives in Arizona and has a degree in music education and is a choir and music instructor. Pepper started performing classical music at age 5 and continued until he reached age 16 when he joined a band and focused on the pop/rock genre. Pepper has recorded eight albums, some independently and others with his band Look Left.

Together, and as individuals, Fox and Pepper have performed world wide with concerts in Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore, South America, Dubai, and the US. They debuted their first collaborative album in July at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

Becoming Anthrocon’s chairman in 1999, Uncle Kage (Samuel Conway) has lead thousands of congoers and con workers through many fun, furry adventures. Dedicated to story telling, philanthropy, and auctioning, Uncle Kage is also a published author in various professional chemist publications. He has also written several short stories, such as Six, which won “Best Anthropomorphic Short Story” from the Ursa Major Awards in 2002.

Fred Gallagher

Author & Artist - “Megatokyo”

Fred Gallagher is the author and artist behind the successful American manga title, Megatokyo. While strongly influenced by Japanese Manga and Anime, Fred also mixes in elements of American fan culture and other inspirations that a non-Japanese creator can bring to the medium.

Megatokyo is released directly to the web as an online webcomic that is free to read by all visitors ( Dark Horse Comics is releasing a second omnibus collection of volumes 4-6 in November.

Noted as being "the best-selling manga series ever by an American artist" by in 2005 and as one of “the 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade” by Comic Book Resources in 2010, Megatokyo holds its own against many popular Japanese created titles. In 2009 a Japanese edition of Megatokyo Volume 1 was released in Japan, the first Original English Language manga title licensed by Kodansha for the Japanese market.

Joining Fred at Youmacon once again is his son Jack, who has already decided that he is going to grow up to be a Super Fast Rocket Race driver just like Largo. Unlike his dad, he will be doing actual art at his dad's Artist Alley table.