November 3rd - 6th 2016 in Downtown Detroit
Cobo Center & Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

What is a Intern Room?
It is a standard hotel room provided by the Volunteering Department for the use of Interns

Who can use an Intern Room?
Only people participating in Youmacon's Intern Program are allowed to use the Intern Rooms

How do I sign-up to be an Intern?
Sign up here!

Are Intern slots limited?
Yes, the number of slots available is based on departmental requests

Will each Intern get their own room?
No, an Intern will be placed in a room with other Interns

Can I shower in an Intern Room?
Yes, the are standard hotel rooms so you will be able to shower in the room.

Can I leave my stuff in the room?
Yes, but at your own risk. Youmacon will not be held responsible for any items lost or stolen from the rooms.

Will I get a key to the room?
Yes, each Intern in a room will be given a key to the room, however, their name will not be on the room so you must return to volunteering operations if the key is deactivated. Volunteering operations will also possess a key to all Intern Room and reserve the right to do room checks at any time.

What are the rules for using a Intern Room?

  • Consuming or storing alcohol in the room is forbidden.
  • Bed space can not be reserved. It is first come, first serve.
  • Intern rooms are for Intern use only! Friends, family members, or acquaintances are not allowed to hang out, sleep, or use the amenities in the Intern Room. Violation of this policy can result in your eviction from the room.
  • Harassment of your roommates will result in your eviction from the room.
  • All Intern Rooms belong to volunteering department and we reserve the right to perform room checks at our convenience.