Charity Ball

You are cordially invited for a grand evening of music and dancing. Dress in your classiest attire or a formal cosplay creation and ballroom dance!

Patrons are encouraged to wear masks and have the most regal Youmacon ever! To be admitted to the ball, you must purchase a ticket for $20 (don’t panic, it’s for charity) or in exchange for a Platinum event ticket.

Tickets are sold in the Multi-Ops room in the Huntington Place in room 140A.

The dance is held Friday Night from 7pm to 10pm in Port Side Ball Room in the Huntington Place.

The Charity Cosplay Ball requires all attendees to wear formal outfits or formal cosplay. Clothing and cosplay of the opposite gender are permitted, as long as the attendee’s appearance and behavior is formal and tasteful.

The following items exemplify what is appropriate for the ball:

  • Tuxedos
  • Dark suits
  • Ball gowns
  • Cocktail dresses
  • Evening gowns
  • Prom dresses
  • Dinner suits
  • Respectable military attire
  • Kimonos and other foreign formal outfits
  • Gothic Lolita fashion

The following items exemplify what is not appropriate:

  • Shirts with the absence of both jacket and tie T-shirts
  • Jeans Dresses and skirts that fall excessively high on the body
  • Sneakers
  • Western sandals and flip-flops
  • School uniforms
  • Costumes that could be considered offensive
  • Large props and costume appendages
  • Clothing that disregards the general cosplay rules

If you’re unsure whether your outfit follows the dress code, e-mail programming or ask the cosplay signup staff at the convention.