Cosplay World Masters – Rules and Regulations

General Rules

∙ The Grand Finale of CWM 2020 is a Cosplay competition in which the performance on stage is considered, the confection of the costume and the similarity to the original (similarity between the costume made and reference image).
∙ All participants must be at least 16 years old. Participants who are up to 18 years old must submit a statement of authorization signed by their participation guardians.
∙ The skit should have a maximum duration of 2 minutes per participant.
∙ Finalist must submit all the elements that accompany the skit until April 1st, sending an email to cwm@cosplayworldmaster.com with all the elements of your skit (video/audio, reference image, requirement for lighting use, etc). This information must be compressed and sent by only one email.
∙ All characters represented by contestants must come from existing characters in Anime, Manga, Video Games, Animation Movies or similar others. Fan Arts are not allowed.
∙ The participants of this Grand Finale and 1 helper, will have free entrance to IA!LX2020
∙ It is expressly forbidden to use any firearms or other, except for replicas.
∙ Any kind of attitude and comments of racist or offensive nature are expressly prohibited.
∙ All participants must cooperate with the organization in a positive way by following their directions, ensuring the success of the CWM Grand Finale. Any incorrect conduct, involving delays, inappropriate language, conflicts between participants, among others, may be considered in the jury evaluation and may even lead to dismissal of the competition.
∙ It is not allowed to enter or leave the stage without using the proper access.
∙ With participation in CWM 2020 Eliminatory, all participants hand over, free of charge, the exposure, reproduction or disclosure of their work / portrait and / or recorded image / a.

∙ A minimum of 70% of the costumes and accessories to be used in this contest must be made by the competitors. If accessories worn have been purchased, they must be customized
by the Cosplayer.
∙ If you want to mingle in the event before the Grand CWM Finale you can only do it with your normal clothes or with another cosplay than is not the Cosplay that you will wear on stage. Important! It Isn´t allowed to show your cosplay before the competition! If you don´t bring any alternative Cosplay, you must wait your turn to compete in a dressing room. After the competition you can already circulate normally at the event. This measure is due to the surprise factor that we want to create, at the CWM and with your cosplay.
∙ Participants may use 30 seconds to prepare the stage before the performance. After finishing the performance participants have 30 seconds to leave the stage (removing all accessories that were placed before the performance).
∙ The delay in performance as well as the delay in the preparation / storage of accessories on stage will be discounted on the final score in the proportion of 0.5 points for every 30 seconds of delay.
∙ The time of preparation, performance and storage accessories will be timed by the organization.
∙ The performance begins at start up of background music or when the signal is made to the stage manager.
∙ The performance is considered completed with the thanking to the public.
∙ For the Grand Finale of the CWM only audio in English will be allowed.
∙ It is not allowed to use liquid or viscous materials, as well as accessories or objects that could endanger the physical safety of the contestants, the audience, judges or others, such as fireworks, firearms, fire extinguishers, sharp tools, abrasive, corrosive solvents and other toxic or harmful substances. Failure to follow these safety rules (before, during or after your presentation) will lead to the loss of points or even disqualification from the contest.
∙ The organization will provide two people to assist the placement of props on stage. After this placement only cosplayers can handle them on stage.
∙ If participants choose to take the help of two members of staff in the placement of their accessories on stage, the participants will also be responsible for all risks and potential accidents. The time available for assembly will always be 30 seconds; the sets are prepared by cosplayer or support staff.
∙ It will not be possible to use scenarios that need to be affixed to any type of pre-existing structure (nailed, glued, hanging, etc. on the wall structure or other stage). All scenery and props must be portable and easy to transport / handle, allowing for easy operation.
∙ The maximum size allowed for the scenario used must be 2m wide x 2,5m high x 2m depth (input format and output stage) and can be divided into a maximum of three parts.
∙ Scenario means whatever is on stage before the presentation. As accessories comprise up the different objects that are used and transported by cosplayers during his performance.
∙ The organization is not responsible for any accidents that take place during the performances of the participants.
∙ The organization may examine and inspect, at any time, the presentation of each participant in order to verify compliance with the rules of the contest. If there is failure, the cosplayer may be disqualified.

∙ Finalists must submit all the elements that accompany the skit until April, 1st, sending email to cwm@cosplayworldmaster.com. This information must be compressed and sent by only one email.
a) Photo of cosplay (Reference image);
b) Profile photo, without cosplay;
c) Short Bio, to be promoted on social media.
d) The requirements for use of lights, smoke or other purposes should be addressed to the organization when registering for analysis because not all requests can be met. Before the contest there will be a dress rehearsal where the performance takes place.
e) Image, Video or Music to be played on the screen / sound during the act on stage.
f) Initial video (no longer than 10 seconds) without Cosplay, where you can introduce yourself and it would be nice to have something that represents your country in the video.
g) Small description of yourself, so we can get to know you a little better (For example: Do you have hobbies? What is your sign? What anime do you prefer? What’s your dream trip? etc);
h) Phone number;
i) Emergency contact person and phone number
∙ Each cosplayer should bring two copies (USB) of audio and video files necessary to their presentation.
∙ During the prejudging, before the performance, the jury will evaluate and score the cosplay (costume). Not only the quality and the complexity of the construction of the costume will be considered but also, its level of detail.
∙ During the presentation the jury will evaluate and score two aspects of Cosplay, assigning scores to performance apparel and confection resemblance to the original (similarity between the costume and made reference image).
∙ The overall assessment of each participant in the contest will be made taking into account apparel (30%), the performance (40%), and similarity to the original (30%).
a) In evaluating the costume, the following aspects are taken into account: confection / finishing, level of detail, accessories and applications used.
b) As performance, it´s understood the interpretation of the characters (considering also fidelity to the original character) creativity and the quality of presentation.
c) The similarity to the original assesses the similarity between the costume made and the reference image
∙ The Jury may request a re-presentation of Cosplayers on stage in case of doubt or tie.
∙ The evaluation of the participants will be made of 1 to 10 in each of the items to consider.
∙ Based on the overall evaluation the winners of the Grand Final CWM will be determined.
∙ The clearance will be done considering the sum of the ratings assigned.
a) In case of a tie, the winner will be considered the cosplayer who has the highest rating in performance.
b) If a tie still exists, should be considered the highest score with regard to the costume confection.
c) If the tie still remains, the organizing committee of the event decides what counted. The same goes for the other places that are in a situation of stalemate.

For any clarification, please email: cwm@cosplayworldmasters.com

Thank you!