Detroit Marriott Cancellation Update
Good morning everyone.
As many of you are now aware, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center has issued a cancellation notice of reservations for this year’s Youmacon. At this time, Marriott has released Youmacon from its contract for our 2020 event. Due to the Pandemic we have foreseen this outcome, but we were not expecting an announcement to have to take place in this fashion or manner.
Right now we are speaking with the Marriott as well as the TCF Center as to the fate of our 16th convention. We are anticipating that the physical event will be postponed as the limit for indoor public gatherings is currently set at 10 people as of today. Everyone has been extremely understanding as 2020 has certainly not been easy for any of us, and the last thing we wanted was to cause any panic.
Overall, we understand on both sides of the coin for people either wanting the event to take place or not. Every year, tens of thousands come from across the globe to attend Youmacon, and 2020 has been the curveball that no one expected, and has affected us all in so many ways. When things broke out near the start of the year, everyone thought and hoped that this would be a thing of the past by the fall, and unfortunately that put us in a truly unique and precarious spot. This has also been a great challenge and strain to everyone on crew as the planning has been made difficult due to the uncertain position we have been in all year.
The next several days we are going over details to determine how we will proceed, and please know that we hold everyone’s wellbeing as our chief priority. Things are tense right now and we ask for your patience as we work towards a resolution. We will get back to you shortly once we have all of the answers for you, including the requested information pertaining to badge rollover.
Thank you again everyone, we’re all in this together.
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