Live Events

Youma Idol

Let the battle begin! Ten contestants with powerful voices have been chosen and will battle against each other in a contest of vocals to be the YoumaIdol! Come on in and watch these talented performers give it their all to claim victory. Show the contestants your support as you watch them battle through two grueling rounds to claim the title. Who will be the next Youmacon Idol?
ONLINE Auditions open August 1st.

Contest Rules

Songs must be in Japanese and less than six minutes in length. Audition songs may be in another language.

Printed lyrics may not be used. Vulgar lyrics are not permitted.The background music must be a karaoke version, without main vocals.  You may create your own karaoke version with a vocal remover in a program like Audacity or Adobe Audition if necessary, but must be okayed by Kojika first.

Deadline is September 23rd.All auditions should be uploaded onto an outside server (ie, ShareFile, Dropbox, or even your own private web server) and e-mailed to Kojika (youmaidol@gmail.com). Do NOT send your audition as an attachment! DO NOT SEND YOUTUBE LINKS.With your audition, please include your legal name (as it appears on your ID), your nickname (if preferred), the song title and artist or series, and your age. If the e-mail you send it from is not the e-mail you wish to be contacted at, please also include the desired e-mail.Singers may audition as duet, but will be counted as one contestant. Only up to 3 duets will be accepted into the contest, so please consider wisely.

In late September, twelve entrants will be chosen to perform in the exhibition at Youmacon, as well as five runner-ups. Contestants chosen to perform at the event should have two songs prepared to sing. Audition songs may be used as an entry. Further information will be requested of contestants in the notification e-mail.

At the convention, contestants must check in half an hour prior to the contest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. All contestants will perform in an initial round, then the judges will choose seven finalists for a final round. The final round will determine the first, second, and third place contestants.

*Number of entrants and rounds subject to changed based on initial auditions”