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Dance Competition

Think you have the moves? Whether you’re a cosplayer or fursuiter, come on out and throw down! Do the thing, fill out the app, and let’s go!


Things to know about before entering the YOUMACON Dance Competition.
● To compete in the 2018 YOUMACON Dance Competition you must first sign up on the main Dance Competition page, entering valid information when asked. We are currently accepting all and any dancers into this year’s competition.
● Footwear of ANY kind is allowed.
● All routines must be completed in your cosplay, costume or fursuit.
● Each competitor will be given ONE slot for the main event.
● There will be both SINGLES and GROUP rounds. If we receive 6 or more groups, we will implement a separate group category for the groups and will be judged separately from the singles.
● You may compete if you are replicating a routine, but due to intellectual property rules you may not be able to win. If you are replicating a routine you must inform the dance competition host so we may give proper representation to the original routine.
Competition Guidelines For Competitors :
● You must perform your full routine in your cosplay, costume or fursuit for the judges. Your routine will be graded according to the same rubric used in the finals. Competitors with the highest cumulative score will advance to the finals.
● Performances cannot exceed 2:00 long. It is recommended that competitors do a simple edit on their music tracks to prevent any possible issues with start/end times during the competition. Tip: Simply because we allow a 2:00 limit does not mean you are expected to do a 2:00 routine. If your routine does better between 1:30 – 1:45 consider cutting your track to that time for a more flushed out routine.
● If your music runs longer than 2:00 (two minutes), it will be faded out at that point
● Music should not include any inappropriate language or lyrics. YOUMACON is a family- friendly convention and this event is rated PG. Any inappropriate language in a track should be edited out by the performer beforehand. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN AN INVALID SUBMISSION. An easy way to censor a song is reversing the curse word using a program such as Audacity, or getting the clean/radio version. If you have questions regarding language used in your track, please send them to the dance competition email listed above and below.
● Music tracks may be submitted beforehand or at prelims. A drop box will be created so check back at the dance competition page, or check your email for the link to submit your music.
● Should prelims take place and you have NOT submitted your music, music should be brought on a USB flash drive as an .mp3 or .wav file. Do not bring music on an iPod, Android, or any other device or media format.
● Music used for tryouts MUST be the same music that will be used for the finals. Music cannot be changed between the two events.
Group Specific
● The only difference between single and group entry music rules is that for each additional person the group is allotted another 30 seconds, with a maximum time allowance of 3:00 (3 minutes). For instance, a two-person group will be given a maximum time of 2:30. A three- or more member group will have a maximum time of 3:30.
● Groups should e-mail their music or submit it to the drop box, along with the character names of all members in the group, in the body of the submission.
● Competitors will be judged based on five categories: Execution, Space and levels, choreography, technique, and group synchronicity (group performers only).
○ Execution: Judges will assess how precise each dancer’s movements are within the chosen style of dance, how strong each move is, and how cleanly it is performed.
○ Space and Levels: Judges will critique how well a routine uses the space presented. Staying within one small space, often referred to as a “comfort box”, will lower your score while finding ways to dance towards the edges of the floor will raise your score. Levels scores will be lowered if a routine is done at one level such as standing, sitting, kneeling, or jumping. Levels scores will be raised if a routine mixes up its stance levels between standing, sitting, kneeling, or jumping.
○ Choreography: Judges want to see that your routine matches the music to which you are dancing. Dancers with good choreography feel the different rhythms inside a song, and their movement will match the tempo/attitude of that track. Choreography scores will be lowered if the routine does not match the song it’s paired with. Choreography scores will be raised if the music compliments the routine.
○ Technique: Judges will evaluate how well the routine represents that style of dance. For example; if a routine has waves, isolations, and tutting judges will look for how the performance uses the different styles of dance to play off each other and create a stronger routine. Judges will also look for repeated moves or a depth of moves within each style. Repeating the same move too much will lower your technique score while being able to perform a variety of moves with varying complexity will raise your score.
○ Group Synchronicity (groups only): This is the largest scoring opportunity for group routines. Judges will critique how in time one dancer is with another during the routine. If a routine has instance with purposeful de-synchronization make sure your routine makes it clear, these instances can be powerful tools if used properly. Judges will also critique how often one dancer has to look at another to keep with the choreography. Routines are not required to completely avoid looking at one’s partner, however it should be done in a more meaningful way than remembering your spot. Group synchronicity scores will be lowered if a group must keep looking at each other instead of the audience,
or if one dancer is out of pace with their partner(s) or music. Group synchronicity scores will be raised if the dancers only have to look at each other when the choreography calls for it and are able to keep pace with their partner(s) and music.
● First, Second, and Third place winners will be announced at the end of the competition. All other competitors can receive their scores privately if requested.
Tips for Entering:
● Keep in mind that while this is a competition, the point of having these competitions is for the entertainment of the crowd. Without the crowd, these events wouldn’t happen.
● Dancers are welcome to perform using any style of dance. Judges’ scores will reflect the desired effect of the performance (i.e., dancers will not be docked for not generating cheering in a contemporary performance.)
● Practice, practice, practice! Practice your routine before the convention. Performing freestyle when entering a dance competition almost never has the same effect as a performance that is choreographed and well rehearsed. There are great freestylers, but a few sessions of practice can help a routine go from great to phenomenal.
● Be confident in yourself. Even if it’s your first competition, no one will make fun of you for trying. You will be nervous, but use that feeling to make your performance better. Even the most experienced dancers that have been in competition after competition get nervous before they go on. It’s normal! Take a deep breath and have fun with it.
● Avoid being repetitive! Repeatedly doing the same moves can ruin the energy a performance generates. Try to keep the moves in your routine varied. Power moves look great, but shouldn’t be used multiple times, especially several times in a row.
● Edit your music! It is not up to the Audio Visual crew to find your cue point. Editing your music to begin and end at the appropriate spots will ensure no mistakes are made during your performance.
● Have fun! Although the dance competition can be taken seriously, don’t let it ruin your fun. You’ll be at a convention, and while this is a big event, it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the rest of the amazing things YOUMACON has to offer. At the end of the day, all of the dancers in this community dance because they enjoy it. If you aren’t having fun, then you may need to re-think your reasons for competing.
Preliminary Rounds:
● Due to a potential high volume, not all may get into the YOUMACON 2018 Dance Competition Main Event due to time restraints, as If a certain limit is passed on how many people enter, we may have to have preliminaries ( Elimination Round ). If an elimination round is present, please read the following rules.
● If preliminary rounds are necessary they will be held on friday. Please check on the schedule for YOUMACON for time and plan accordingly.
● Preliminary rounds will be closed to the public viewing. Only a handler or guardian can be present in the room with you. There is no recording of prelim dances allowed should it take place.
● Each competitor will be given ONE slot for preliminary rounds.

Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup

Youmacon is over the moon in excitement to be playing host to the Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup! Taking place during halftime of our own masquerade, pairs of cosplayers will need a skit of anime, game, or western origin. Winners will receive a paid trip to the beautiful Netherlands for the C4 world finals!

To enter, fill out this form: https://tinyurl.com/claracow

For more visuals, peep out the video from this year’s competition!

For further information, check them out!

The rules!

General rules:
For cosplay weapons guidelines read Youmacon FAQ Guidelines and General Cosplay Rules.
USA weapons law will always apply!
The teams will always consist of two cosplayers.
The team must be in costumes from the same series/manga/game/property.
The team must wear self-made costumes.
The team may use small props that were store bought.
The team must perform an act on stage that may not exceed 150 seconds or 2:30.
Set-up time for props will be 30 seconds MAX.
Maximum number of stage props will be 4.
Set up will be by our team and they are NOT allowed to run on stage.
Teams may not use: Any items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, glitter, confetti etc.
Teams may not use: Live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others
Pre-recorded audio needs to be handed in no later than Saturday 20th of October, 2018.
You will have to provide both Work in Progress and reference pictures on Saturday at your judging.
You must attend Youmacon on Friday and Saturday.
You must be 18 years or older on 15 June 2019.
Your Cosplay may not be a fictional character you or your friends created, but can be from any official (East or West) animation, comic and game.
Fan art cosplay is not allowed!
Cosplayers may only participate in one country’s preliminary for CCCC per competition season.
Costumes that have been worn for other international finals, or costumes that have already won awards are not allowed in the Youmacon preliminaries.
Stage ninja’s are NOT allowed, our staff can hand you a prop or item from backstage or press a button for you. Interaction with the cosplayers on stage is NOT allowed.

CCCC Judging:
Adjudication will be administered by at least three judges.
Craftsmanship is 40%
Performance is 60%
Bought costumes will be scored 0 for quality and will be disqualified.



  • No metal weapons, real firearms, or props loaded with high velocity projectiles are allowed. Realistic weapon props may be peace bonded at the discretion of security or Masquerade staff.
  • Props should be carried and posed with in a way that does not inconvenience or risk injury to other attendees.
  • Costumes must be tasteful and cover appropriate areas of the body. Shoes must be worn in public areas of the convention for your own safety.
  • What is illegal outside the convention is still illegal inside the convention.


  • All the general cosplay rules above apply.
  • Costumes from both Japanese and western media are welcome in the competitions. This includes anime, games, comic books, manga or other media such as Korean media, sentai, music, J-rock, etc
  • Original designs based on established media, such as Pokemon gijinka-type designs or  fanart alternative designs are permitted in competition, but specific reference images must be provided. Original characters regardless of media are not permitted.
  • Entrants must be registered attendees of Youmacon and present a badge.
  • Participants must fill out a cosplay registration form with legitimate information for award purposes.
  • Participants’ costumes and props must be able to traverse the 6’ wide backstage hallway.
  • Skits must be “PG-13”
  • Groups may not exceed 8 people.
  • No jumping onto or off of the stage or acrobatics.
  • No throwing items off of the stage.
  • Clean up after yourself. Do not leave anything behind on the stage.
  • Stage combat will be allowed only if approved by the judges after a demonstration during skit approval.
  • No special effects. Electronic flashes are permitted only if okayed by Masquerade staff. An announcement will be made to attendees at the start of your skit.
  • Karaoke is not a skit. Please save it for the karaoke.
  • No surprises.
  • Costumes or skits that have won a major award at other events are ineligible to win another award at the same rank.
  • Entrants are also permitted to enter the International Costume Contests provided their specific rules also allow it.
  • The International contests masquerade will run in the same timeframe as the Masquerade thus allowing people to be able to enter both. Entrants will simply be judged by both sets of judges. In the event that 2 sets of rules contradict each other, the more stringent rule will be enforced for that thing (EX: ClaraCup is a 2 person per team competition so you would be limited to 2 participants and so when you were in the Youmacon Masquerade you would still just have your 2 participants due to the requirement of ClaraCup. If any questions regarding this pop up please feel free to email at youmaconcosplayreg @gmail.com and to lunaladyoflight @gmall.com.)


Youmacon features scheduled gatherings for cosplayers from the same series to meet up and get photos. These gatherings will take place in the Winter Garden, located in the RenCen, the River Walk at RenCen, COBO South Atrium at level 100 and level 200, and the Gardner Wall (located near the escelator to the People Mover on the 300 level). Further details can be found in the program guide. Check the schedule in the back of this guide for times.

Cosplay Competitions


The Masquerade is a Saturday evening Main Event comprised of skit performances and craftsmanship presentation. Skits can enter for performance, craftsmanship, or both, but only those entering both categories are eligible to win Best in Show. You can also model your costume in front of an audience by entering as a walk-on for craftsmanship judging.

  • The Best in Show winners (those who excel in BOTH craftsmanship AND presentation) will win FREE ADMISSION to Youmacon 2018 plus a fabulous trophy. Those who win the best in their respective categories will also receive a fabulous trophy.
  • Masquerade participants should be at the Green Room (Mackinac Ballroom) at 6PM with their badges for check-in.
  • While waiting for the Masquerade to start, drinks and snacks will be provided. Once the Masquerade begins, participants will be guided to the stage for their walk-on or performance. Once they are finished on stage, they will return to the Green Room to await awards.
  • Awards for both Hall Cosplay and the Masquerade will be given out at the end of the Masquerade.


The Hall Cosplay contest gives cosplayers a chance to get their craftsmanship judged without the pressures of an audience. This is also a chance to get additional costumes judged. Hall cosplay is craftsmanship only, and competitors DO NOT appear on stage during the Masquerade.

  • Registration form(s) for Hall cosplay must be submitted in order to obtain a judging time slot. Please see the Craftsmanship rules below; the same apply to the Hall competition.
  • Costumes in the Hall Cosplay contest must be able to traverse the Youmacon hallways.
  • Hall Cosplay awards will be announced at the end of the Masquerade.
  • Hall Cosplay participants may watch the Masquerade from the Green Room (Mackinac Ballroom) if they wish. Those who do not wish to watch the Masquerade may check in with us in the Green Room periodically to find out when awards will be announced. You may also watch the Masquerade from the audience.


All attendees who wish to enter their costume in a contest require a judging appointment. Entrants will submit a form for a craftsmanship judging time, a skit approval time, or both. You may enter either or both Friday and Saturday Hall Cosplay contests, and/or the Masquerade, provided that you have a different costume for each. Again, ONLY Masquerade entrants will appear on stage during the Masquerade.

You can sign up either at con or in advance. To allow for the maximum number of entrants, we will only be accepting Pre-Reg signups for HALF of the available spots. Online signups will close at midnight the Sunday prior to the convention, or when we reach that number. An announcement will be made if we close online signups early due to capacity.

If you chose to sign up in advance, please follow the links below to the forms for the Craftsmanship, Performance and Hall competitions. By signing up in advance, this means you will not have to sign up for a slot at con.

We will use these forms to assign judging times. A confirmation email will be sent out to each entrant with their assigned time slot. IF YOU SUBMIT AN ONLINE REGISTRATION, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHECK-IN WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE CONVENTION. Please report to the Cosplay Registration booth on Level 4 on Friday night during the hours listed below. Failure to check in will result in your spot being forfeit and made available for at-con signups.

Any remaining spots will be available at the convention.

There will be a sign-up table in the Cosplay Registration booth on Level 4. There you can find the required forms, as well as the list of available appointment times.


Both signups and check-in begin Friday afternoon. Registration will not be available on Thursday evening. In order to streamline the online process in its first year, we WILL NOT be allowing pre-reg check in on Thursday or Saturday. If this poses an issue, please contact the staff prior to the convention (youmaconcosplayreg@gmail.com)

(Times in an easier to read format)


Friday 6PM—9PM


(For both HALL and MASQUERADE)

Friday 3PM—9PM

Saturday 9AM—2PM


Friday 7PM—11PM

Saturday 10AM—3PM


Friday 7PM—11PM

Saturday 11AM—3PM


Friday 7PM—11PM

Saturday 10AM—3PM

The Masquerade is held at 7PM on Saturday in the Main Events Hall. Competitors are required to report at 6PM to the Mackinac Ballroom on Level 5 for staging and prep. No spectators are allowed in Mackinac during setup.


During craftsmanship judging, our judges will evaluate the quality and accuracy of the costume(s).

  • Costumes CANNOT be judged for craftsmanship if they were primarily store-bought or commissioned. Children 12 and under are exempt from this rule. If modeling someone else’s work, the person who constructed the costume MUST be present.
  • You must provide a reference for your costume. A picture, a figure, whatever. (We prefer paper references that we can keep.) While smartphones and tablets are great, please do NOT rely on these as your primary sources for reference photos. The judges are not familiar with every series or video game. References are needed to check accuracy. Lack of a reference will hurt your chances at winning higher awards.
  • The judges WILL inspect your costume up close. Be prepared to have your costume touched and be asked to show specific details.
  • Entrants will only have 5 minutes per judging session (up to 10 minutes for larger groups). So, if you have something special that you wish to highlight to the judges, make sure to point it out whether they ask you about it or not.
  • The judges will ask you questions about your costume. Be prepared to answer truthfully and accurately.
  • You DO NOT have to be in character while being judged. That wastes time and is unnecessary. Save it for the stage.
  • BE CONFIDENT. Please don’t tell the judges what you did wrong. They want to know all the wonderful things you did right. Remember, don’t be shy! They want to hear about all your hard work!
  • Be sure to show up to judging a few minutes early in your costume. If you miss your appointment, you may be rescheduled, time permitting, no guarantees.
  • Remember to try your best, be courteous, and have fun!

Everyone will also enter in one of these skill level categories:

  • Novice: Cosplayers with no prior awards
  • Journeyman: Cosplayers with 1-5 awards
  • Master: Cosplayers with 6 or more awards
  • Youth: Cosplayers age 12 and under
  • Staff: Youmacon staff members

Categories are based on any type of previous major award, craftsmanship or presentation. Division qualifications are subject to change to ensure even award distribution. Honorable Mention awards do not count toward your skill level category.


  • During skit approval, our staff will evaluate skits for time and content. MP3s and CDs with dialogue and/or music to use during the Masquerade will also be used and collected at this point.
  • You will need to perform your skit in front of our approvers. They are not judges, they are simply checking for time and content. So, if your performance is not perfect, don’t worry about it. Our approvers can also give you advice to improve your skit.
  • It is okay if one of the people in your skit group can’t make it to approval. We will use our imagination.
  • You DO NOT have to be in costume for skit approval.
  • If you also want to get judged for craftsmanship, we can do one longer appointment —subject to availability— instead of two separate appointments. These will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • If your skit is NOT approved, we WILL give you time to correct it. We love skits, and we want to give everyone a chance to participate.
  • Please make note of any cues or stage directions when submitting your skit approval form. There may not be time prior to the show to determine these cues


1 to 2 people = 2 minutes

3 to 4 people = 3 minutes

5 to 8 people = 4 minutes

Please note that these are guidelines and there is room for reasonable accommodation. If you have a question about your skit length please contact youmaconcosplayreg@gmail.com


Groups with three or more participants are highly recommended to pre-record audio to ensure being heard by the audience and judges. Handheld microphone availability is not guaranteed.

  • We accept submissions on CD or MP3.
  • You must bring your audio file to your skit approval
  • If you are using an MP3 file, you need to bring your submission on a flash drive or CD. We will extract the file and return your device to you immediately.
  • All of your audio must be fully edited and prepared before being submitted to us. We CANNOT edit audio in any way and what you give us is what we play.
  • We cannot “just play a youtube video”. Don’t ask us.
  • Please label the file CLEARLY with your skit title, group name, and series.


Youma Idol

Let the battle begin! Ten contestants with powerful voices have been chosen and will battle against each other in a contest of vocals to be the YoumaIdol! Come on in and watch these talented performers give it their all to claim victory. Show the contestants your support as you watch them battle through two grueling rounds to claim the title. Who will be the next Youmacon Idol?
ONLINE Auditions open August 1st.

Contest Rules

Songs must be in Japanese and less than six minutes in length. Audition songs may be in another language.

Printed lyrics may not be used. Vulgar lyrics are not permitted.The background music must be a karaoke version, without main vocals.  You may create your own karaoke version with a vocal remover in a program like Audacity or Adobe Audition if necessary, but must be okayed by Kojika first.

Deadline is September 23rd.All auditions should be uploaded onto an outside server (ie, ShareFile, Dropbox, or even your own private web server) and e-mailed to Kojika (youmaidol [AT] gmail.com). Do NOT send your audition as an attachment! DO NOT SEND YOUTUBE LINKS.With your audition, please include your legal name (as it appears on your ID), your nickname (if preferred), the song title and artist or series, and your age. If the e-mail you send it from is not the e-mail you wish to be contacted at, please also include the desired e-mail.Singers may audition as duet, but will be counted as one contestant. Only up to 3 duets will be accepted into the contest, so please consider wisely.

In late September, twelve entrants will be chosen to perform in the exhibition at Youmacon, as well as five runner-ups. Contestants chosen to perform at the event should have two songs prepared to sing. Audition songs may be used as an entry. Further information will be requested of contestants in the notification e-mail.

At the convention, contestants must check in half an hour prior to the contest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. All contestants will perform in an initial round, then the judges will choose seven finalists for a final round. The final round will determine the first, second, and third place contestants.

*Number of entrants and rounds subject to changed based on initial auditions”