Fan Art Theater Competition! AMV Contest! Deadline October 5th!

Open to all ages!

Have a music video you want to see up on the big screen? Want a chance to win one of our coveted Golden VHS Tapes? Have a competitive edge and want to prove your editing is the best?

Well look no further, because Youmacon’s Fan Art Theater department is holding their Annual Fan Art Theater Competition once again this year! This event that evolved out of the standard AMV Contest showcases the best AMVs and fan created videos from the year and they want YOU to send what you got in!

This competition accepts all kinds of music videos, from Anime Music Videos, Manga Music Videos, Cosplay Videos, Original Animation, Video Game Videos, and much more! We welcome videos young and old so long as it hasn’t been sent in during previous years!

Just remember, time to submit is limited. Entry submissions will no longer be accepted after 11:59 PM EDT on Friday October 5th!


For a list of Rules check out the Contest Information Page.

To submit your entry check out the 2018 Entry Form.

To check the status of your entry view the 2018 Entry Status Page.


Here are some pics of the awards from Previous Years: (yes, if you pop one of these into a VHS deck you will actually be able to see the winning video)

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