Fan Panels

Anime And Doomsday Cults

Did you know the cult responsible for Japan’s deadliest terrorist attack created their own anime? Watch a badly animated guru fly around, listen to cult renditions of popular anime songs and learn how Evangelion, Gundam, Cowboy Bebop and even moe are all linked to the doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo.

Anime Theme Songs From Across the Globe!


Prepare yourself for 45 minutes of the best (and worst) anime opening and ending themes from across the globe! Featuring Hebrew Rap, Eurobeat, the Heavenly Kings of Cantopop, Arabic ballads and much more! Sing-along to iconic anime songs in languages you never would’ve expected and learn about anime’s deep-rooted history and popularity worldwide!

Live Action Anime Films That Got It Right!

Dreading the upcoming live-action film of your favorite anime? Still getting DragonBall: Evolution nightmares? Not to fear! Be it a Roman architect transported to modern-day Japan, a mummified samurai attempting to set Kyoto on fire, or a shy musician who finds himself leading a Satanic metal band, discover the live-action films that got it right!

Remembering Sonny Chiba: A Tribute to “The Street Fighter” 18+


A tribute to Sonny Chiba, Japan’s greatest action star, who passed away earlier last year. Join us for a retrospective of his works spanning more than six decades across the martial arts, tokusatsu, yakuza and samurai genres, and learn about Sonny Chiba’s massive influence on both anime and Hollywood films!

Welcome to Lolita Fashion

Welcome one and all, new lolitas, veteran lolitas, J-fashion enthusiasts, friends of lolitas, EVERYONE is invited to this informative panel exploring the Japanese lolita fashion. We will not only cover the basics of the fashion, but the history, how to get started, culture, and so much more. Experience levels of all kinds will be able to learn something new, or even help us as examples! We just want to encourage everyone who is interested to come in, have a seat, and explore this wonderful world of lace and frills with us.

18+ Mad lids: It’s all madness here

How long has it been since you have played mad Libs? How would you like to play them with a bunch of nerds? Please come join us for unexpected stories and laughter.

30 Years of Crayon Shin-Chan Movies

A cultural icon overseas, but relatively unknown in the U.S., Crayon Shin-Chan is celebrating its 30th anniversary. But what is this series, and why is it so beloved? An overview of the Shin-Chan movies, covering 30 years of history and 25 films, as well as touching on the manga and the series.

3D Printing and Cosplay 101: Intro to 3D Printing

An introductory panel on where to begin with 3D printing for cosplay and prop making on a
budget. From niche accessories to custom fit armor 3D printing opens another dimension of creative costuming possibilities. Buckle or clasp? You can print it! Majestic crown? You can print it! Sci-fi blaster? You guessed it, print it! 3D printing has become more accessible to the average hobbyist in the past 5 years, and this has shown no signs of stopping. A 3D printer is an excellent accessory to any cosplayer’s toolkit. As with any hobby it can become expensive quickly. We will share tips and tricks on how to keep costs down so you
can make more of what you love without breaking the bank. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. We will talk entry level hardware, software and tools as well as online resources for materials and educational resources. A copy of the presentation and links to useful materials will be provided to all those who attend.

3D Printing and Cosplay 202: Have Printer, Now What?

You have a printer, you have your plastics and resins, you have the software, you may have even printed some files you found online. Now what? A 3D printer is a tool like any other, it’s use is a skillset built up over time. On the software side of printing, we will talk what to look for in a 3D file, modifying files for your printer, and slicer settings and best practices. On the hardware side, we will talk about printer upgrades, common print materials for cosplay and their uses, and incorporating non-printed parts into your builds. The presentation will also cover using printed parts to make tools that would otherwise be too expensive to make or buy for cosplay. Leather forms, templates, drill and cut guides, the list is only limited by your creativity. Demo pieces will be on display and a copy of the presentation will be provided to all who attend.

3D Printing and Cosplay 203: Post-Processing and Paint

We get down to the nitty gritty, literally! Take your prints to the next level though post-
processing. This presentation will cover many of the common ways to finish 3D printed parts to make high-quality cosplay pieces. Sandpaper, filler materials, vapors, paints, the list is nearly endless. We will break down the more accessible ways to clean up prints to give them an extra polish. Demo pieces will be on display and a copy of the presentation will be provided to all who attend.

43 Years of Gundam

In 1979 “Mobile Suit Gundam” aired in Japan and the rest is history! Come learn about the vast history of this storied mecha franchise that launched the “real robot” genre. Share what you love about it, and your favorite moments from the 43 years of this metaseries’ history!

A Beginner’s Guide to Ultraman

A beginner-friendly intro to the legendary television series that helped shape Japanese pop culture.

A Shout-out to all black characters in anime

HELLO! how many Black anime characters can you name ? 1? 600? -67? well fear no longer I’m going to tell you every single one in this comprehensive HYPER PANEL!

All about the Idols; A Guide to Ensemble Stars!!

Take a trip around Ensemble Square to learn about all of the talented Idols it has to offer! We will be discussing information on all of the groups under the companies, Star-Maker Production, Cosmic Production, Rhythm Link, and New Dimension. Including Music Videos, an interactive quiz, and fun!

Anime Baddies (18+)

We are all here for the plot. After countless years of research, we have narrowed down the hottest, baddest anime characters to grace us with their presence. Sit back and enjoy the view. Top ten anime baddies voted by you, with a few honorable mentions! Make sure to stay hydrated because it’s gonna get hot.

Anime Maestros: The Best Music in Anime and the Composers Behind It

Anime can make you laugh, cry, scared, or inspired, and music plays an important role making you feel these and more when watching your favorite shows. Come join us as we take a look at scenes from many different anime where the music turned it from ordinary to extraordinary, as well as the composers behind it including Yuki Kaijura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Joe Hisashi, and many more!

Anime Name that Tune

The classic returns! Was that Totoro… or Dororo… or Hamtaro? Compete with your anime music knowledge to win prizes-oro!

Anime Opening Trivia

Contestants compete for prizes trying to be the fasted to guess anime openings! Multiple rounds, so stop in anytime!

Anime Password!

A fascinating game show of anime password! Put your skills to the test to win prizes and bragging rights.

Animegao Kigurumi

Come learn about the history of kigurumi, as well as information on how to create your own mask!

Autumn 2022 Anime Preview

The new season brings new anime! Come see what’s good, what’s bad, and what broke the host!

Avatar Trivia!

A trivia panel for Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! Come test your knowledge of anything and everything Avatarverse- friendly for all ages, not spoiler free. May the best bender win.

Beautiful Bouncing Anime Boobies

Come join a long time oppai lover as we play a game about everyone’s favorite anime body part. Guess right to win a prize!

Become a DigiDestined: A Digimon TCG (2020) learning panel

Have you ever wanted to play a fun new TCG that features your favorite Digimon and engaging mechanics? We know new TCGs can be hard to learn on your own, but we are here to help.

Best Anime Remix Quiz Session (BARQS)

Test your team’s knowledge of anime/game music remixes! Multiple rounds, winning teams get prizes!

Biology of Splatoon

The panel will look at the biology of Splatoon and how it compares to their real-world counterparts.

Black Faces in Nerd Spaces

The Too Black Too Nerdy Podcast hosts discuss their experiences as people of color in nerd spaces. We’ll talk about the positive and negative parts of our experiences and how we can move forward as a nerd community to be more inclusive to everyone. Audience Q and A will also be available for members to discuss their own experiences with the host.

Con Mom Support Group

Over pack for just in case emergencies? Worry about your friends hydration? Protective instincts run strong? You might be a con mom. Join for a discussion on what it means and stories of our ‘children’s’ antics.


Content Creator 101

Content Creator 101 is basic and start up point where we will look and go over what it takes to be a content creator. From managing socials to camera tricks and tips. The ups and downs of being a content creator. Guest will be able to learn what it takes to get started and ask questions and help put together a small script. Then put all we’ve learned into practice to make a short TikTok to be edited and uploaded at the end of the panel.

Cosplay Croquis

Get your sketch on with cosplay croquis! Have fun sketching cosplayers with timed poses. Be sure to bring a sketch book and a writing utensil. All skill levels welcome!

Cosplay While Black II: A POC’s Role in Japanese Culture

Cosplaying while black is a group that brings awareness to racism in the cosplay and anime community, we create a safe space for people of all genders and all races to share their experiences. In this panel we will discuss topics request by con goers, each panelist will share their experience on each topic and then we open the floor with a Q&A followed by a quiz with prizes.

Cosplaying and Conventions on A Budget

We all know that Cosplaying+Conventions =Expensive. Have you ever wondered how some cosplayers get so many cosplays, as well as how to afford 7+ conventions in a year? Well, you came to the right place!! Cosplay Muses has over 20+ years of combined experience to help you on your cosplay journey!! We will tell you secrets and need to know things while looking cool without breaking your budget!!!! As well as tips and tricks on booking hotels for conventions and planning to go to conventions without breaking the bank!!

Cosplaying Your Original Characters

The world of cosplay is only limited by your own imagination. Join us for an interactive informative panel with Q&A led four seasoned cosplayers on the subject of cosplaying original characters. Join us in discussing everything from character creation to putting together the character as a full cosplay to the challenges you may face in cosplaying your own character.

Crazy Con Stories After Dark 18+

“Remember that one time at “blank”- con” Come tell your craziest, wildest, funniest and ranchiest stories at this panel.

Cruel Human’s Thesis on Evangelion – A philosophical discussion Neon Genesis Evangelion

Let’s discuss the Philosophy of Neon Genesis Evangelion, From the Hedgehog’s Dilemma to some Hegelian Dialectics!

D.Gray-man: Past, Present, and Future

One of the most dark yet heartwarming shounen series of the previous decade, D.Gray-man has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. But let’s be real here, what’s happening with this series? Even without a hiatus we’re still getting more questions than answers. So join us and other fans as we delve into Hoshino Katsura’s intriguing storyline, characters, and popular fan theories.

Death Note Mafia

Death Note characters take the roles of this interpretation of the party game where you must work with a team who could betray you at any time. The rules will be explained, so prior knowledge of the game and the series is not necessary. Can the investigators defeat Kira without falling prey to the Death Note?

DEGENERATE HANDBOOK: How to pick up baddies at a convention!

Ever want a waifu? Husbando? A gamer Gf? Well fear no longer I am here to guide you to a BETTER YOU IN THIS INTENSE MEGA PANEL!

DnDo’s and Don’ts: A guide to DMing TTRPGs

New to TTRPGs or just want to make sure you haven’t missed anything? This panel is designed to discuss what is necessary to run a game, how to handle common pitfalls and provide advice to difficult situations.

Do Fishing mini-games make games better? 18+

A discussion of Fishing in Video Games. A History, The Evolution, Where it is Today and Game Show.

Do you want a Mini Waifu or Husbando? An Intro Guide to Figurine Collecting!

In this panel, Shockolate Energy will teach you the basics of figurine collecting! From finding your favorite fandoms, with cool styles and variations, to avoiding bootlegs so you don’t break the bank! If you’re lucky, you could even win some plastic waifus and husbandos of your own!


Drag Up Your Life

Come enjoy a youmacon exclusive drag performance and learn about the history of drag and where it is today! Prepare to be amazed by some amazing performances ! All ages are welcomed to this panel.

Dress Up Impression (18+)

Do you think you have the Best “it’s over 9000” or the best “noticed me senpai”. Well can you do it with other thing at play then come down.

Environmental Justice in Studio Ghibli Films

Relations between humans and spirits of the earth have generally been contentious as humans carve the land to meet their own needs. This panel explores those tensions between harmony, conflict, and resolution in the popular animated films by Studio Ghibli. These include: Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Pom Poko, Ponyo, and Spirited Away. Other key topics include Japanese religion and historical economic development in Japan.

Everything Mega Man Panel

Come celebrate the 35th anniversary of Rockman(Mega Man) with an interactive panel that will cover 4 to possibly 8 different topics in a “Choose the Level/boss” fashion much like the classic Mega Man stages. These topics range from in universe timeline of all the games to humorous Robot Master Rejects. With time permitting, a trivia game with Mega Man related prizes near the end of the panel. Let’s power up & jack in Mega Man NT style!

Exploring the Doctor Who Expanded Universe

Are you going through Doctor Who withdrawal after the next series has been delayed so many times? Come learn about all the worlds of Doctor Who out there beyond the TV series! Hear what novels, comics, audio-dramas, and spin-off shows you should get into next. Geronimo!

Fazbear Fact Check

Freddy’s is a magical place where fantasy and fun come to life, but how much of it is fantasy? Join us as we break down the indie horror classic and see just how realistic it is!

Five Nights at Youmacon (18+)

The eight year long horror franchise has tons of fans, and that includes adults too! Let’s discuss the frights and thrills of it before the night ends!


Five Nights at Youmacon!

FNAF has been around a lot… LOT longer than five nights. Come join us in talking about our favorite Security Breach fantheories, argue about whether MatPat is right, and maybe win a few prizes, too!

Fluffy Tails, Scales, and a Bizarre Lack of Males: Everything about Monster Girls (18+)

Everything you need to know about lewd mythological monsters and why we love them. History, examples of media that focus on them, and more

Genshin Impact: A Fan Panel

For 3 years, Genshin Impact has taken the anime and gaming world by storm. Why is this game so good? Let us tell you! Join us for a panel discussing aspects of Genshin Impact and why people still play it today. We have discussions, trivia, and plenty of opportunities for the audience to participate as well. Whether you have never heard of it, or have been playing since the beta we invite you to come chat with us about this amazing game!

Ghostpepper’s spicy comedy hour! 18+

Just as it sounds, 1 hour of spicy stand up! Join me as I talk about my weeb experience from sunny, hot Venezuela to the US, with some funny con stories to cool down to.

Giant Jenga : After Dark (18+)

The mature version of Giant Jenga will take you to the dark places you never imagined–in a funny way, we promise.

Teams compete to embarrass each other with challenges and trivia flavored by the stranger parts of Japanese media. **no stripping**

Giant Jenga : Challenge Mode

Join a team of other Jenga enthusiasts to conquere a giant version of a beloved childhood game. But this isn’t your dad’s Jenga.

Flex your knowledge of obscure Japanese Media and complete challenges to take your team all the way to the top of the huge tumbling tower.

Gijinka Cosplay 101

Welcome to this 101 panel focusing on cosplaying humanized animal characters referred to as gijinka! We’ll cover what gijinka means, ways to cosplay these non-human characters, all the different possibilities you have with this niche cosplay style, and much more! This panel will be great for new cosplayers, as we will talk about techniques and easy ways to get started, but cosplayers from every level are encouraged to learn and explore with us! Come let your creative side lose with this informative and fun presentation!

Gretchen’s Butt Riot (18+)

Do you like anime characters butts? Yes, you say? I see you’re a human of culture as well. This is a fun silly panel about anime characters butts, muscles, etc. If you just want to laugh then this is the panel for you! We hope you come laugh with us!

Gundam: Newtypes in the Universal Century

A panel on one of Gundam’s ideals for the evolution of humanity: Newtypes in the UC timeline.

Gurran Laagan and Eternal Recurrence – The Philosophy of Gurran Laagan

A discussion of Gurran Lagann through the Philosophy of Fredrich Nietzsche – no pre-reading required! Questions encouraged!

Headcanoning One Piece Sexual Histories (or Have They Done It?) 18+

Prepare for a thorough as possible within a time limit discussion concerning various One Piece characters and their… body count. We will invite audience participation if they disagree with our headcanons at intervals. Who are Doflamingo’s conquests? Is Usopp really a virgin? Let’s talk!

Hentai Bingo (18+)

Hentai Bingo! Prizes, hentai and laughs! The fun never stops and share which word on the board tickles your spot!

Hentai vs Nature (18+)

This will compare subgenres of hentai to weird animal sex. For example, lions and seals have harems.

Hololive KFP Game Show

Join in a variety of games themed around Hololive’s Takanashi Kiara. Fun for all knowledge levels!

Hololive: Down the Peko (rabbit) Hole

Curious about Hololive? This agency for VTubing idols has recently taken the world by storm. This panel will cover the basics of this agency such as who is YAGOO to some more niche topics like the 13 Knights of the Round Table. Prepare your grass and ready your wallets, because we’re going down the rabbit hole ~Peko.”

HOLY_****ING_****.wmv (18+)

Join an AOL chat room, watch the best/worst internet videos together, and YOU drive the show!

How Yuri Works – Modern Yuri and Its Tropes (18+)

Useless lesbian, idiot couple, pay for gay? Where have all these tropes come from and why are there so popular? If you’ve ever wondered how the yuri genre works, this panel is for you. From fanworks to originals, we’ll discuss how all these tropes work and what makes a yuri story yuri!

I’m So Proud of You (And Your Cosplay Too!)

Come join The Fandom Father we work together to be proud of each other! Come up to the front of the room, talk about your cosplay, and show off for everyone to see!

Idiots Guide to Microtransactions: New Extremes

Idiots Guide to Microtransactions is back! How much would you spend on one game?


A different kind of improv comedy show from the panelists who bring you Whose Line is it Anyway. With all new games to play such as Question This, Forward Reverse, Mission Improbable, and more. Come join us for all the laughs and fun.

Influential Women in Japanese History

History is full of stories of the men who shaped the world, but what about the women? Come hear about the women who helped shape Japanese history; included are fierce samurai warriors, the first Japanese woman in recorded history, and the first Japanese woman to receive a Western education.

International Cosplay Q&A

Do you want to learn more about what it’s like to cosplay in another country? Come and check out our Q&A with Luna Lady of Light our Cosplay ADH and our cosplay guests (names TB added). Feel free to ask questions about their experiences and listen to them tell funny stories about their adventures cosplaying abroad.

Introduction into VR/The Metaverse

Simple discussion and culture around VR Gaming and the fandoms found in VR!

Introduction to Cosplay Photography: Taking Photos that Don’t Suck

Want to become a cosplay photographer? Already working on it but want advice on how to better establish yourself, take better photos, work with models and more? Or maybe you’re the photographer of your group of friends and want to take photos that you don’t have to retake 20 times until everyone is happy? Elemental Photography has been shooting cons and cosplayers since longer than some of you have been alive, and she’s happy to share her tips and tricks and horror stories to help you improve your portfolio.

Introduction to Shabbat Friday night service

Shabbat Shalom! Join us Friday night to engage in welcoming Shabbat as a community, relaxing, disconnecting, and enjoying each other’s company. This will have an educational slant and is open to Jewish con-goers as well as those who want to learn more about this traditional celebration.

Is Attack on Titan Fascist? A Philosophical inquiry

A discussion into the fascist undertones of one of the most popular anime of the 2010’s. Does Eron go Fascist by the end of the series? Let’s discuss and debate the topic!

Jackbox Games (18+)

Welcome to the world of Jackbox Games. Players will use their phones to play games from the Jackbox library. Audience can also participate by voting for good answers or their favorite competitors. Come join us for all the fun and hilarity.

Japanese Games 101

Don’t know what Shiritori means? Baffled by Mahjong? Want to learn the difference between Karuta and Hanafuda?

Join us to learn about the fascinating world of Japanese games, as we introduce you to some of Japan’s traditional fare of recreational activities commonly seen in anime and manga.

Japanese Kimono – How To Wear

Learn how to wear Japanese kimono in a culturally respectful manner in this interactive workshop! There will be a live kimono dressing, questions, and more. This is a workshop for people new to wearing kimono.

Journey of an Indie VTuber

We all know about Hololive, Nijisanji, and VShojo, but what about everyone outside the big groups? VTubers have exploded in popularity over the last few years, leading to a massive ever-changing Indie scene. What is it like to be a “Small VTuber?” What have people done to make themselves stand out over thousands of others? And given everything people experience, is it still worth it to become a VTuber?Join us for an overview of the good, the ugly, and the funny of the Indie VTuber scene all told through the lens of a small VTuber!

Jpop 101

Jpop 101 is your intro to all things japanese idol and pop music! Liked Love Live and wanted to know more? Kpop fan who’s interested in learning the Japanese side of pop music? This panel is for you!

Kingdom Hearts Family Feud

How well do you think you know Kingdom Hearts? Join us as we pit two groups of 5 together for some Kingdom Hearts themed Family Feud, played just like in the show. (Steve Harvey not included). The winning team (or teams) will move on to the Fast Money Round, where they will be able to win some very special Kingdom Hearts themed prizes!

Kiss, Marry, Kill, Kuff (18+)

Kiss, marry, kill, kuff? The classic KMK game with a twist. Who would you want to chose for each roll and what does kuff mean? This game show style panel will have 5 contestants each round in a fun laugh out loud chance to win the title of who will be kuffed. But what is the ‘kuff’? Guess you will just have to come on down and find out.

Larp 101

If you’ve ever been curious about live action role playing, this is the best place to start!
We will be covering things like; what LARP is, how to find a game suited for you, and how to prepare for your first game. Learn etiquette, safety, character building, and more in this beginner’s guide.

Let me guess, this Isekai is different?

Do you swear that your Isekai anime is different from the rest and the best? Come prove it here!

Let’s Be Friends (18+)

Have you ever thought before a conventional “this is my chance to make a bunch of new friends!” Only for the convention to end and you haven’t talked to a single new person. Well that’s why I’m hosting the “Let’s Be Friends” panel. So that we can all come together as like minded Otaku, and hopefully make a few new friends. I have prepared a list of questions, that are sure to break the ice. After all knowing what to say to strangers is the hardest part. So come by check out our panel, have fun, and meet some new people.

Let’s get fit

Getting in shape is hard. The gym is crowded and scary. Trainers are expensive. And who really knows how to work out at home, other than to do a lot of situps and pushup. This panel is to talk about fitness in a way that makes it accessible to pretty much any one. We will be talking about: effective workouts you can do anywhere, proper ways to warmup before a workout, good stretch to do, and how to avoid injuries. Physical fitness should be fun, and something that anyone should be able to do. No matter where they are in their fitness journey. So we would like to try to make working out fun.. so come check us out, and let’s get fit!

Let’s get knotty (18+)

Are you familiar with the are of Japanese rope bondage known as shibari. Well, here is your chance. This is and informational and interactive panel. This will be a presentation on the history and practice on the art of shibari. There will also be a demo and a chance to learn simple techniques.

Let’s get obscure

Have you watched all the popular anime, and are looking for something to watch? Do you just like to be different and not watch what everyone else is raving about? Or do you just like binging all the anime you set your eyes on? This is the panel for you! In this panel we’ll be reviewing a bunch of under rated and over looked anime of various genres. You might just find you new favorite anime at our panel.

Let’s get obscure (18+)

This is panel for avid anime fans who enjoy the more mature side of anime. Well will be putting on a presentation of our favorite lesser known anime that depicts mature mature/issues. That can be anything from excessive gore/violence, to sensitive topics, and yes gratuitous fan service. We will be counting down and discussing our favorites. So come by and check us out.

Let’s Make an Itabag!

Itabags are the perfect way to display your love for a character, ship, or fandom whether you’re only showing your interest or carrying your entire shrine. We’ll discuss how to make or buy your own itabag and everything inside them (including rare merch), decorating tips, and safe spending habits. If you already own an itabag, join the fun and show it off!

Let’s Make Kanzashi: Japanese Fabric Flower Accessories!

Learn to make kanzashi no-sew silk flowers for your own hair clip or pin! Simplified versions available. $5 supply fee.

Let’s watch fanime 18+: everything you were warned about

Do you like fanime? Want to watch it with all your friends or find out for yourself what this weird sounding panel is all about? Well, your in luck! Come and discover with us what you should’ve been warned about.

Love After Henshin: From Gorenger To Gelato

We’ve fallen in love with the pairing of Reaper Princess and Red Gelato, but did you ever wonder… Why are they Power Rangers? In this panel, learn about the influence and history of Japan’s most well-known genre, where to watch these shows, and how it shaped Love After World Domination.

Majestic Voices: Reborn (18+)

Have you ever felt that itch? To tell the tale in a different light? Live dub over ridiculous ecchi scenes with the audience as the star.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): Trivia of Madness

Join us for a fun evening of Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia! Bring your team of Avengers for the chance to claim glorious victory as an MCU expert. Assemble teams no smaller than 4 and no greater than 6. This is a first come, first serve panel. There will be open seating for those who prefer to watch the trivia game. See you on the battlefield, Avengers!

Mega Man: The Bordello (18+)

Have you ever wondered how Dr. Wily was ever able to fund his various world domination schemes? This adult only (18+) panel will answer all the darker, more adult, and much more vulgar side of the Mega Man series. Discussions from erotic robot designs to Wily beers will make you wonder if you stumbled into NT Undernet of all things Mega Man.

Memoirs of a Pervert (18+)

Ecchi is a powerful word, stirring emotions and stealing hearts with a sensual appeal. A history of ecchi throughout the decades and a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Mental Health in Gaming

Have you ever wondered how gaming impacts your mental health? Join Derek Chung, a mental health-professional turned award-winning game designer in a discussion about conscientious design, experiential gaming, and the inclusion of safety tools in tabletop and video gaming.

Monstrous Feminine

Transgressors of social boundaries often are portrayed in mythology as monsters. Conversely, victims of monstrous deeds are transformed and disfigured into vengeful forms to rectify social order. This panel examines distinctly female monsters and ghosts in the context of modernizing Japan, and connects historical tales with contemporary iterations.

Move Your Feet: Dance Games & The Future of Fitness!

Move your feet to the beat! This interactive panel will discuss dance games such as DDR, Pump it Up, StepManiaX and the future of fitness gaming.

Name That VOCALOID Song!

Test your knowledge and earn prizes in a competitive game featuring producers from around the globe!

Nendoroids! Cute chibi figures for everyone

Come join us as we discuss the exciting world of Nendoroids: cute, chibi-styled figures of popular characters from various anime, manga, and games. We’ll talk about the history of these adorable figures, where to find them, and how to avoid bootlegs. Newbies to obsessive fans are all welcome!

No More Heroes: The Citizen Kane of Video Games

Let’s go over Suda 51’s series about otaku assassin Travis Touchdown, themes, motifs and moe. What’s more fun than talking about games? Playing them of course! You(Yes, you!) will press A to start the game, going through the series highlights and boss battles.

Now Introducing: The Ribbon Game

This event will get you acquainted with the ribbon game. From the history and basic terminology to the etiquette and specific offerings of Youmacon’s own game. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what’s up with the ribbons?” this is the panel for you!

Obligatory Improv Panel

Ah Improv, where comedy runs rampant like a bag of starving weasels on a comedy singer’s face. Audience participation encouraged but not enforced!

ONEPIECE – Fantasy Battle Debates

Let’s have an audience debate on who you think would win between character that will never meet in the Onepiece World!

Otome Games: Press Start

Looking for a little romance in your life? Are you tired of 3D men disappointing you? Well we have just the thing for you! We invite you on a journey through otome games, the land of pure hearted romance, cheesy shoujo storylines, and hot 2D husbands.

Ouran Retrospective: Welcome to the Third Music Room

Ouran High School Host Club ended SIXTEEN years ago, but still has an active fandom. Get in touch with your inner Renge, prep your commoner coffee, and watch out for vases as we discuss why this one-season anime is so beloved, explore the different tie ins, and nerd out over our favorite hosts!

Phantasy Star! A Once Groundbreaking Franchise

Learn about the history of Sega’s Phantasy Star a once groundbreaking franchise

Plus Ultra Size Cosplayers Guide to Cosplay

To Promote Cosplay for beginners give plus sized cosplayers, and people who are interested in cosplaying pointers in the right direction. How to get started, what to avoid and the best ways to go about cosplaying (Websites, how to start cosplaying, confidence builders)

Pokémon Fight Club

We debate how well an average person could do in a fair and unfair fight against various Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Meetup

Gear up with your fellow trainers for a long weekend of Pokemon Go by making some new friends, doing some trades, practicing PVP, and organizing some raids! Find the #pokemon-go channel in the official Youmacon discord to make some friends early and reduce trading costs.

Posing in Cosplay: How to get Photos that Don’t Suck

Get better photos of yourself in costume, and feel more confident when stopped for a picture! With tips for both hall photos and photoshoots, we’ll cover the basics from the importance of fabric type and the wonders of makeup, to how to play for group shoots and posing with awkward props.

Power Ranger Gem Paladins: Adapting Super Sentai

Did you know Power Rangers is an adaptation of a long running Japanese series called Super Sentai? Discussing the history, how it’s made, and a modern day interpretation with the Power Rangers Gem Paladins. A Detroit based fan group dedicated to adapting all seasons left out by the main series.

Power Rangers 30 Years in the making

It is time to wish the Power Rangers a happy birthday. Our panel will focus on 30 years of Power Rangers and 45 years of the sentai. We will discuss the past present and future of Power Rangers and Sentai.

Prank or Paimon

A Genshin Impact post-Halloween event where travelers pull a card– “prank” (trick) or “Paimon” (treat)– in exchange for prizes

Precure 101

At almost 900 episodes, Pretty Cure is the longest-running magical girl anime. Let’s talk about it!

Produce Me!: A Guide Through the iDOLM@STER Circle of Idol Hell

“Giant Robots, Death Metal, Singing and Dancing, Intense Martial Arts Action, Cute Dresses, Tomboys, Hot Guys, Kabedon, Aliens, Frog Costumes, Mushroom Obsessions, Yandere, Fried Chicken, memes, GL, Megaman, Chuunibyou, and Vampires? Are you sure this is all from the same series?”
Yes. iDOLM@STER is insane. But there’s something in it for everyone. You’re part of everyone, so come on down and I’ll do my best to get you into this amazing franchise.

Queer Representation in Media

Over the years, queer representation in media has not only been growing, but getting markedly better. However, that wasn’t always the case. Explore the history of queer rep in your favorite shows, movies, games, & more and how it’s evolved throughout the years to become more inclusive.

Re:Chain Of Memories – A Bootleg Kingdom Hearts Novel (18+)

If you thought Kingdom Hearts had a confusing plot, you haven’t seen what one of its bootlegs is able to do. Join us for a Simple and Clean introduction to one the weirdest amazon purchases we ever made. This time, we’ll be covering all of the first and second books.

Ready for the next Round!- Intro to Fighting games

Ever wanted to learn how to play fighting games, but just don’t know how to get into them? Here is a little intro guide to fighting games from Tekken to Smash bros and even BlazBlue. Welcome to the fight of the century

Representations of Ghosts and the paranormal in Anime and media

This panel will be discussing the many different representations of ghosts and other paranormal elements in the history of Anime and entertainment media and how they are reflections or overinterpretations of their real-life cultural counterparts. The hopes of this panel is to bring together those who are interested in the paranormal as well as popular media, and have a chilling discussion on how these paranormal phenomena are represented in their favorite movies and television shows.

sasakure.UK’s Doomsday Anthology: The MOST depressing Vocaloid series.

“The MOST Depressing Vocaloid Song Series? Are you sure about that? Are you going to qualify that statement?” If you think you can handle it, grab a box of tissues and come see for yourself. I’m gonna take you back to the past of sasakure.UK, the dude who made the theme song for Magical Mirai 10, and show you how 4 of his most depressing narratives are connected. 

Second Season Blues

You ever watch a great anime just to have the second season go down the drain, let’s talk about it.

Serial Experiments Bingo

Bingo day… bingo time! Join us for a few rounds of bingo based on the 1998 cult classic anime Serial Experiments Lain. There will be prizes!

Sew Your Own Best Friend- Felt Cat Workshop

A beginner friendly sewing panel where you make your own kitty cat best friend out of felt and buttons!

Shipping 101 (18+)

Have you ever seen 2 fictional characters together & you’re like, ‘OMG I SHIP IT!?!’ Then this is the panel for you. We will be talking about ships, the different kinds of ships and much more. Join us as we play a game and share our ships with the world. We hope to see you there!

Shipping in Fandom (18+)

Discuss with fellow adults on shipping and shipping culture, responsibilities as an adult in fandom, and why exactly people are talking about all this fruit.

So You Think You Can Read Fan Fiction (18+)

Nothing’s better than sitting down with a group of friends and reading bad fanfiction. Join us as we break out some new and unheard of works of fiction to read with YOU! If you’re looking for a good laugh and some memery, this is the place to be!

So You Think You’re a Kpop Fan?

So you think you’re a k-pop fan? Come and test your Hallyu knowledge at our panel! Spend an hour with other kpop fans while enjoying trivia, guess the M/V, guess the song, and random dance. Play for a chance to win cards, stickers, and posters. Join us and show how much of a kpop fan you are!

So You Want to Make a Tabletop Game?

From design to crowdfunding, to manufacturing and marketing, we’ll cover all the basics of designing, publishing, and (maybe even) releasing your game to the world! Come join Derek Chung, the award-winning game developer behind the EMBERWIND RPG and several neuro-divergent-friendly card games in this crash course on everything you’ll need to know, no matter if you’re just thinking about or already in the process of creating your own tabletop game!

Spilling Tea; Lolita Fashion Controversies and Culture

This panel will be focusing on Japanese lolita fashion culture and some of the most prominent difficulties and controversies we have to deal with as members of the fashion. Our goal here is to highlight some of the challenges lolita’s face, clear up misunderstandings, educate others, and in general have a good laugh with some horror stories! Join us to learn, be horrified, and have fun diving into a deeper side of this sweet on the outside, but salty on the inside fashion!

Strongest Trees in Anime

You know what parts of anime don’t get enough love? Scenery, specifically foliage. Come listen to some engineers with too much time on their hands describe how hard it would be to fell anime’s toughest trees.

Survival Horror Picture Show

This game show is based on the survival horror video game genre. So if you know your red herbs from your Red Pyramids, come test your knowledge of the digital macabre for prizes and glory!

The Foxes’ Wedding

In Japanese mythology and popular culture, foxes and fox spirits grace or curse the various humans they interact with at all levels of social class. This panel explores stories of both the benign and bewitched fox spirits in major mythological tales and showcases modern interpretations in manga and anime today. Systems of social class and power dynamics as they evolved over time are also explored.

The Great Retro Video Game Show Extravaganza!

Put your gaming skills & knowledge to the test through five exciting rounds of gaming and trivia for prizes.

The Sundered Land, an Interactive Panel

We will be hosting a game of The Sundered Land, a game where the audience helps create the world and answers questions to attempt to kill our hero. Anyone can answer, simply by raising their hand. Whatever they say becomes reality. We should be able to play about 3-4 rounds, so stop in and see if you have a good time!

The Top 100 Most Annoying Anime Characters of ALL TIME

You think you know the worst most annoying anime characters? Well I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, YOU DONT! come learn who is peak annoying in this panel

The Wonderful World of one piece


The World of Manhwa (18+)

This panel is about the world of Manhwa and it’s rising popularity. The best way for me to describe it is like manga but made in Korea. In this panel, i’ll be going over the history and what genres new fans should be trying out as well as talking and describing some of the stories. Manhwa does have a lot of NSFW so this one isn’t for the kids!

The Yakuza Kiwami Quiz Show 18+

This is a quiz show based around the Yakuza (or Ryu Ga Gatoku) Series for fans to test their knowledge on the main line series, Judgment Spin off series, and even the Fist of The North Star Lost Paradise game.

This Better Not Awaken Anything In Me (18+)

Join us for an hourlong dive into the bottom-of-the-jar depths of hentai. Viewer discretion HIGHLY advised.

Unsolicited career advice and resume help

Want to get a job and leave your parents basement? Bring your resume for review and come get unsolicited career advice from a technical recruiter. If you to stay in parents basement but need a job for anime figures. I can help with how to find and apply for wfh jobs. Come join for some unsolicited advice on career and resumes

Urban legends and Vocaloid; what is C-ta (18+)

Exploring urban legends through Vocaloid. A glimpse into the madness that is Shuuen No Shiori. Japanese urban legends portrayed in Vocaloid.

Video Game that Tune

From the C64 to the N64 and beyond, come test your video game music knowledge for a chance to win prizes!

Vine Jeopardy (18+)

Let’s play Jeopardy! Welcome to a classic game of Jeopardy except now you can finally put your wicked vine knowledge to the test!! Put your skills to the test and duke it out for the chance to be crowned Youmacon Vine Royalty!

Waifu Rodeo: An Analysis on Pop Culture (18+)

Everyone in the world has a waifu, husbando, or NB anime spouse, even if they don’t yet realize it. Please join us as we go through the popular ones of recent years and analyze what makes a waifu a waifu.

We Hate the Internet – And So Can You!

Join some surprise guests and VIPs for a look at some of the oddest videos and Japanese commercials found on the Internet! We’ll ha e giveaways for some fans who share in our humor!

Weeb Breathing: A Deep Dive into the Demon Slayer Fandom (18+)

Because it is currently one of the most popular animanga series, it is no surprise that Demon Slayer has accumulated a massive fanbase. In this panel, a barely sane Demon Slayer “enjoyer” will take a comedic deep dive into the memes, ships, and controversies riddling this fandom to give their opinion on whether it is as “toxic” as outsiders make it out to be.
(WARNING: This panel will contain manga spoilers!)

What The Heck Is A KPop?

Do you have a friend or family who is into k-pop and no matter how hard you try, you just don’t understand what it is? Well, this panel is for you! In What the Hell is a K-pop, we’ll go over the origins of k-pop, its western popularity and the basics of stan culture. Come join us for a lesson on the hallyu wave!

What you need to visit Japan

This panel will go over the logistics of visiting Japan. Like how to get around, what to bring etc.

When They Cry: There’s More Than Higurashi

There’s more to When They Cry than just Higurashi (and no, we’re ignoring the horrible Umineko anime!). Come join us in dissecting all of Ryukishi07s works in the When They Cry universe and theorize about what might just be happening next.

Who’s That Pokemon?

Are you the very best like no one ever was? Using the Pokedex text entries from the video games, we will test contestants from the audience to see who really does know that Pokemon! Prizes will be awarded. All generations featured.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

An improv comedy show where the games of Whose Line is it Anyway are performed by you. Come join in for classic games like Unlikely Superheroes, Scenes from a Hat, Party Quirks, and more. Come join us for all the laughs and fun.

Wig Styling 101

A comprehensive how-to for the basics of wig styling. Along with a live demonstration, our hosts will be explaining the methods and ways to achieve gravity defying wigs.

Worbla 101 – Cosplay Props and Armor

Worbla can be intimidating both for cost and apparent learning curve – but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the basics of how and when to use the different types of Worbla to create builds that are durable and forgiving as well as how to get the best bang for your buck, how to recycle your scraps, and how to prime and finish your pieces to look their very best.

Worlds Collide: Anime and Video games influence on Hip Hop

Welcome to the stage, ever wonder which hip artist are anime fans, or noticed a certain chime in your favorite songs. Learn about how anime and video games have influenced some of hip-hop’s stars.

WTF is This!? The Weird World of the Internet (18+)

We all know the internet is a weird place, but how weird can it get? Join us as we take you through some of the most bizarre things we can find from your favorite fandoms!

WTF is Touhou Project?

Are you vaguely aware of Touhou Project? Are you a huge fan of Touhou Project? Do you not even know what Touhou Project is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this panel is for you! In this guided but open discussion, I’ll respond to any questions or musings you may have, while also talking about the basics of Touhou Project, its importance and history, how I got into it and why I love it, and how you can get into it and why you’ll love it. We’ll also play Touhou 10 at the panel’s end.

Youma, Yokai, and Yurei: Women in Japanese Mythology (18+)

Transgressors of social boundaries often are portrayed in mythology as monsters. Conversely, victims of monstrous deeds are transformed and disfigured into vengeful forms. This panel examines distinctly female monsters, ghosts, spirits, and goddesses in the context of modernizing Japan. Evolution of social classes generates anxieties about change, and the powers of monsters to change express societal fears.

18+ due to discussion of gendered violence

Your favorite Anime is based on these Tales

Transgressors of social boundaries often are portrayed in mythology as monsters. Conversely, victims of monstrous deeds are transformed and disfigured into vengeful forms. This panel examines distinctly female monsters, ghosts, spirits, and goddesses in the context of modernizing Japan. Evolution of social classes generates anxieties about change, and the powers of monsters to change express societal fears.

18+ due to discussion of gendered violence

Your favorite Anime is based on these Tales

From Dragon Ball to Naruto, animes may be based on old Folklore tales from ancient civilizations.

Yu Yu Hakusho, a shonen before it’s time!

YuYu Hakusho laid the way for many shonen its success may be forgotten but its effect is still felt.