Special Guest
Brad Hale

With nearly 15 years cosplay experience under his belt and now 4 years with Youtube, Brad Hale likes to keep his life super busy.
Growing up as a child who loved Halloween and dressing up, jumped at conventions the moment he was introduced in the early 2000s.
Ever since then Brad has been hard at work building, crafting and creating cool new cosplays/props. Often known for making mecha or armor cosplay out of Duct Tape. Brad has show that even the lesser know materials can serve a purpose.
His love for cosplay helped get him his job with YouTube back in the era of FNAF. The little known hit “When Bonnie isn’t Home” shot off like a viral internet rocket in a matter of a few months. That video now holds a whopping 5.4 million views. Hes since gone on to grow his channel into a variety of convention videos, lets plays and cosplay builds. Often quoted saying markiplier was his inspiration to get into streaming. This inspiration lead Brad to work his hardest and shoot for the top. “You never know what will happen, the sky’s the limit”.
You can often find Brad hosting panels at most cons and telling tales of convention experiences that will blow your mind.
Feel free to come up and say hi, attend one of his panels or just take it all in. Youmacon is going to be an awesome weekend.

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