Special Guest

Dement09 is an artist born and raised in Bulgaria, Europe, and is most well known for her Steven Universe fanworks. She’s a graduate of the Sofia College of Visual arts and is currently obtaining a degree in animation from New Bulgarian University, she considers herself a self-taught artist.

Dement09 got her start in art after seeing Pokemon for the first time, honing her skills by drawing and redrawing favorite characters. Since then, she has worked as a Junior Digital Media Artist and as a colorist and lettering for a local comics project as well as creating freelance concept artwork for Thunderhead Gaming’s RPG called Netherstorm.

In 2016, she participated in a local reality show for comic book artists called ComixBox, where she further perfected her skills and found a new audience for her work. Since then, she has participated in numerous conventions and is excited to be appearing in the US at Youmacon 2018.

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