Special Guest
Kara Edwards

Kara Edwards is a professional voice actor known for her young, fresh sound and wide
range of characters.

Kara’s career began right out of high school when she was hired to co-host the
“Squeege and Kara” show on Radio Disney. Radio would eventually take Kara to the
East Coast where she produced and co-hosted morning shows in Charlotte, NC for
over five years.

While in Dallas working for Disney, Kara attended an open-call audition for a popular
show called Dragon Ball Z. She was cast as Goten and Videl…and then hooked, as
voice acting would soon become her main focus, leading her to take the leap to
full-time in 2006 and once again head west. She will return in the upcoming Dragon
Ball Super.

Other credits include Disney, T-Mobile, Nintendo, Lord & Taylor, Mattel and Sports
Illustrated, as well as Yu Yu Hakusho from the Cartoon Network, Heaven’s Lost
Property, the Solty Rei DVD series, the hit pre-school series Raggs currently on PBS,
and many more. Kara also voices and produces monthly audio versions of the popular
children’s magazine Highlights High Five and Ask Arizona for highlightskids.com.
Recently, she was announced as Hikage in the Senran Kagura dub.
When Kara does take time to step away from the mic, she can usually be found out
and about with her favorite gadget, her trusted Nikon. Kara’s love for photography
began at an early age and she’s continually amazed by the opportunities it’s brought

A few of Kara’s other favorite pastimes include playing guitar on her studio balcony,
playing with her puppy Kingston, eating unusual foods, and exploring new places.

Learn more about her at www.karaedwards.com

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