2018 Intern Application is here!

Hello Everyone,

Here you go!

There are two identical versions of the app attached; one is a Microsoft Word document and the other is an Open Office document. You only need to fill out one version, not both. The first page has instructions on filling out the app and where to send it once completed.

For reference our departments are:

  • Art
  • Convention Operations
  • Dealer Relations
  • Fan Art Theater (F.A.T.)
  • Guest Relations
  • Hospitality
  • Live Events
  • Media
  • Registration
  • Security
  • Table Top Gaming
  • Technical Production
  • Video Gaming
  • Video Programming
  • Volunteering

Last Day to apply is Saturday Sept 1st, 2018.

Good luck!

2018 Intern Application (.odt) 2018 Intern Application (.doc)

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