Panelist Info

Panelist Info

Panel Cancellations

While we understand “life happens,” we do try to impress upon our panelists the importance of canceling panels prior to the 30 day mark. Cancellations past the 30 day mark will be logged and could hinder future panel applications made. Panelists who have a history of following proper procedure will be given priority.



It costs nothing to host a panel at Youmacon, in fact, it pays! Panelists who host panels at Youmacon are entitled to reimbursement of their badge costs based on the amount of hours they hosted:

  • 1.5 hours / $20
  • 3 hours / $45
  • 4.5+ hours / Full refund for purchase of badge (Platinum Badges will receive $70)

If you are running multiple panels you may not collect your reimbursement until after your LAST panel. To receive your refund you must bring a form of ID like a Drivers License, student ID, etc. If you do NOT pick up your refund before Closing Ceremonies is scheduled to begin, you will not receive the money. We will not mail out money and we will not hold it for next year. As of Youmacon 2020 Live Events will no longer be selling badges at a discounted rate