Postponement Announcement

Greetings everyone, it’s time for the announcement most of us have been expecting,

As of right now, Youmacon 2020 has officially been postponed.

2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us, and we know that many of you were looking at Youmacon as being that outlet to help ease us through the end of the year, and for that, we cannot apologize enough. There has been a tremendous amount of support for us through all of this, and for that we say, Thank you, even though those simple words cannot express how much your support and understanding has meant to us.

So what happens from here? That’s a big question, and we will address that as best as we can.

To start, let’s talk about the convention.

As there will be no physical event this fall, we will be hosting an online event for everyone at no charge over Halloween weekend. What will this entail? We ask for your patience as we bring all of the elements together, and we will be releasing these details to you over the coming weeks.

Badges: If you have already purchased your badge for Youmacon 2020, what do you need to do next? The answer, our Registration team already has you covered. All purchased badges are automatically rolled over to our next physical event, taking place over Halloween weekend of 2021 as originally planned. Additionally we are looking into perks for those who supported us by purchasing a badge for our 2020 event, knowing that there was a chance that the event might not be able to take place due to the Pandemic, or even for being an early supporter. We are lining up something special for you, as a “Thank you” isn’t nearly enough, and we want to give you something extra for all of your help and support.

Vendors and Artists: There is an email that is going out to everyone who signed on with us for 2020, and we are working hard to help you out in these difficult times. Rest assured, an announcement is in the works to help us detail what is going on and what we’re doing for you.

This year has put us through so much, and we wanted nothing else but to bring you an event bigger and better than the previous as we have always strived to do, and having to postpone the event in this manner has not been easy. Far from it. Regardless of how things went, your safety and well-being have always been our top priority. What we have in store for you this Halloween we hope is to your liking, but know now that what we have waiting for you next fall will be truly worth the wait.

There are many announcements in the works as to how we are proceeding, and we will do our best to answer your question in the meantime.

From all of us at Youmacon, Thank you.

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