Volunteering & Staffing

The information below is for our 2018 event, and will be updated for our 2019 event shortly.


Youmacon has a great set of staff members who help put the convention together every year. However, as the convention grows so to does our need for more staff to help keep the convention working smoothly. So what do you need to know if you want to be a member of staff?

What department is hiring?

  • Each department hires according to it’s needs and some may still be looking for last minute staff. However there are currently no departments that are specifically looking for new staff at this time.

How do I become a member of staff?

  • The easiest method to become a member of staff is to take advantage of our Volunteering and Intern programs. More info on these are posted to the website and forums. If you are a good volunteer or Intern, work directly with a department that you want to join and that department head likes you then you can easily get hired.
  • Department Heads often need staff and will put out feelers on social media, the forums, and even post to our website that they are hiring. Keep a look out for these. You can also contact the department heads directly or staff members to get you in contact with a department head in order to find out if they are hiring and would like to consider you to be a member of staff.

What requirements are needed to be a member of staff?

  • All staff must be at least 18 years old as of the time of the convention.
  • All staff must be willing to work at least 24 hours during the convention.
  • All staff must follow all convention rules and regulations.
  • All staff must adhere to a specific staff code of conduct and non-compete agreement.
  • Each department has other specific requirements which will be outlined by them.

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Hello All,

The Intern Program has been designed to match potential staff members (the interns) with departments who need more people. The program will allow interns to “try out” a department during the convention and get a taste of what it is like to work on staff. On our side, this program will allow us gauge an Intern’s abilities in an actual convention setting.

The Intern program is an extension of our current volunteering program and retain many of the core aspects. Interns still will receive a refund of their registration cost after 16 hrs of service and be entered in to the incentive program. However, unlike other volunteers, Interns will will work on scheduled shifts as dictated by the department they are placed in.

This program is intended to be the fast track to becoming a staff member. Department Heads are always more likely to hire someone the have met and worked with before over someone who sends the a PM’ed staff request. Please note: Promotion to staff is not guaranteed! It is ultimately the decision of the individual department’s Head to hire new staff members.

Questions are welcome. Both the question and answer will be listed below. Answered posts will be deleted for organizational purposes.

Intern Q&A:

Q: How do I sign-up for the intern program?
A: Get the app here

Q: Can I sign-up at the convention?
A: No, all Intern spots will be filled before the convention starts.

Q: Are there any requirements to sign-up?
A: You must meet the same requirement as volunteers: here

Requirements for Volunteering:

  • You must be at least 18 years old as of the first day of the convention.
  • You must be a registered paid attendee of the convention.
  • You must be able to communicate in English.

Expectations of Volunteers:

– All volunteers are expected to:

  • Follow all rules set forth by Youmacon, the Volunteering Department, and convention staff
  • Maintain a friendly, professional attitude both while on duty and off.
  • Check-in at Volunteer Operations 5min before their shift starts and after their shift ends.
  • Report for all scheduled shifts

– All volunteers should:

  • Keep a running tally of their own hours and check that Vol. Ops has them recorded correctly.
  • Be proactive when trying to get more hours. Come to Vol. Ops often and check if anything has become available.
  • Immediately report problems to Volunteering or Security Staff.

– Volunteers are not allowed to:

  • Confiscate or threaten to confiscate anyone’s badge.
  • Remove or threaten to remove attendees off the elevators.
  • Physically move attendees in any panel, room, or line.

Volunteering Tiers:

  • Volunteer: This tier is for the attendees who want to choose their own schedule and have more freedom during the convention. This is the “classic” version of volunteering at Youmacon. Please see the volunteering faq for more details.
  • Intern: This tier is for attendees who are aiming be on staff. This program allows volunteers to intern with one or more departments during the convention. Interns will assist staff members in the operation of their assigned department. Interns will be given scheduled shifts as defined by the department they are placed in but not to exceed a total of 16 hrs during the course of the convention (without the permission of the intern). Please see the intern post for more details.

Main Job Types for Volunteers:

  • Badgers: Volunteers responsible for checking badges for panels, events, video rooms, and so on.
  • Gophers: Volunteers assigned to a certain department to help with whatever is necessary.
  • Line Control: Volunteers responsible for line control and maintaining order.


  • Refunds: Volunteers who have completed 16 hours of work or more will receive a refund of the purchase price of their convention badge. Refunds will equal the amount the volunteer paid at the time of registration.
  • Exception: Volunteers who hold platinum badges will only receive a partial refund equal to the cost of a three day badge at the door.
  • Volunteers must turn in all their hours by noon on Sunday for tallying. A volunteer may continue to work after this point to complete their 16 hours but must inform a volunteering ops staff member of their intent to do so. Neglect to inform staff may result in up to a three week delay in refund.
  • Refunds are handed out on Sunday afternoon in the Volunteering Ops room. An exact time can not be given but will take place before closing ceremonies.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Volunteers are not allowed to consume alcohol while on duty. As a volunteer you are representing Youmacon and we will not tolerate drunkenness!
  • Drinking on duty is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Any volunteer that shows up for a shift inebriated will not be allow to work and will have disciplinary action taken against them.
  • Off duty volunteers, who are 21 year or older, are allowed to drink in their own room or in the hotel bar.
  • Missing shifts: Volunteers are expected to report for all scheduled shifts.
  • If a volunteer is unable to show up for a scheduled shift, they must inform Vol. Ops before the shift starts.
  • Staff members will be checking on volunteers during their shifts. If you are not found at your post it will be noted in your file and you will be given a warning.
  • After two warnings we will confiscate your volunteering badge and, if deemed necessary, your convention badge. You will not be allowed to volunteer again this year.
  • If your actions necessitate more serious action, we also reserve the right to expel you from the convention.
  • Moving posts: only Volunteering Department staff members should move you from any of your assigned posts. If a staff member from a different department attempts to remove you from your post please inform Vol. Ops immediately.
  • Cosplaying: Volunteers are allowed to cosplay as long as the cosplay does not interfere with the volunteer’s ability to work. Volunteers are encouraged to wear comfortable cosplays that do not inhibit movement and to leave oversized props in there rooms while working. Interns will need to check with their Department Head regarding cosplay.
  • Incentive Program: All volunteers and Interns are automatically enrolled in our incentive program. The top three volunteers with the most hours worked will receive prizes. The cut off point is Sunday at noon. Any hours worked after the cut off point will not count for the purposes of the incentive program. Please see Volunteering Ops for more details.
  • Accommodations for Volunteers: Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodations during the convention. Youmacon will not provide rooms, food, or beverages to volunteers. Please make plans accordingly.
  • Accommodations for Interns: Interns will be provided space in a room for the duration of the convention. Room location may vary by assigned department. Room placements will be finalized before the convention. Any Intern who declines the offer of a room will not be able to get one at the convention. Food and beverages will not be provided.


What is the Volunteer Program?

It is a system that allows convention attendees to volunteer their time to help make Youmacon great.

Who can Volunteer?

Any registered paid attendee who is at least 18yrs old and who can communicate in English.

What does a Volunteer do?

Well, volunteers have done many sorts of jobs in the past but the main three are:

  • Badgers: responsible for checking badges for panels, events, video rooms, and so on.
  • Line Control: responsible for line control and maintaining order.
  • Gophers: responsible for running errands and delivering massages for certain departments.

What are the benefits of Volunteering?

  • Volunteers who work 16hrs or more will receive a refund of purchase price of their convention badge*.
  • Entrance in to the volunteer incentive program.
  • Increased chance of being scouted for staff the following year.

* Exception: Volunteers who hold platinum badges will only receive a partial refund equal to the cost of a three day badge at the door

How do I volunteer?

  • 1. You may sign-up online before the convention here: Coming Soon
  • 2. You can sign-up at the convention in Volunteer Operations located in the Ren Cen on the 4th floor in the Greco Room.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can volunteer?

No, there is no limit

Can I cosplay while volunteering?

Yes, as long as your cosplay does not interfere with your ability to work. I highly recommend wearing a comfortable cosplay that does not inhibit movement in any way and please leave oversized props in your room while working.

Can people who don’t have badges volunteer?

No, you must be a paid attendee of the convention

If I work 19hr can I donate my extra 3hrs to my friend?

No, Hours are non-transferable

I am 17 and I want to volunteer. I will be 18 by Youmacon can I still sign-up online?

Yes, as long as you are 18 by the first day of the convention you will not be kicked out of the system.