Youmacon! 2018! DJ Application!

Hello Friends!

You want to showcase your music at the Friday and Saturday night Raves at Youmacon? Here’s your shot!

What you need to be able to do:
Perform an hour long set of music on stage in front of thousands of people. However, there are two rules that must be followed in your performance!

  1. No pre-rendered mixes! We do it LIVE!
  2. Keep foul language to a minimum, this is not an 18+ event.

Before you submit a demo, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Youmacon will not pay you to play. This is a volunteer gig; Travel, hotel, and hospitality expenses are not compensated by the convention.
  • Youmacon will provide you, the DJ, with a basic attending badge. Any membership upgrades are your responsibility. Additional badges for your entourage, crew, significant other, family members, etc., are also your responsibility.

The timeline:

  • Youmacon 2018 Dances are November 2nd and 3rd (Friday and Saturday).
  • Auditions will close around October 1st!
  • Emails will go out to those chosen auditions on week starting October 7th
  • Announcement of the Roster to be published by October 15th!

If you have any questions about anything on this forum, please reach out to me!
Or tweet me @BohemeK

2018 DJ Application

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