Youmacon 2020 Virtual Photography Contest

Youmacon 2020 Virtual Photography Contest

Celebrating Cosplay’s Unseen Heroes

Youmacon is going online, and we are taking cosplay photography with us! Got some great cosplay photographs you want to show off? WE WANT TO SEE IT! Follow the link below to find out how to enter into our Virtual Photography Contest!


Submitted entries must be the property of the photographer entering the photos.

All submissions must be accompanied by note (or screenshot of a note) from the model providing consent to be used in the contest.

All submissions must be family friendly.

Submitted photos may not have won any other awards.

Entries will not be judged on the accuracy of the cosplay, the appearance of the model, or the craftsmanship of the costume.

Entries will be judged on their individual photographic merits (lighting, composition, color, balance, etc).

Entrants may enter more than one category but can only win once.

Photos submitted must be high resolution.

Submissions open on 10/16/20 and close on 10/23/20.


Portraiture: This category is for shots that feature a still posed model and minor editing.

Dynamic Edits: This category is for shots that feature heavy editing such as smoke, magic, super imposition, etc.

Action: This category is for shots that show the model in action. These photos make the viewer feel like they’re moving.

Fan Vote: After the contest airs during the Youmacon Virtual Event, the entries will be posted on Youmacon social media where likes will be used to choose a fourth winner.

Prizes: The winner of each category will receive a 2021 Youmacon Weekend Pass.


Entry form:


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