Bish & Talon

Bishcuit Cosplay (Bish) is a cosplayer from Poland, who has been into cosplay since 2015. Her favourite part of this hobby has always been sewing and creating group cosplay skits. She has represented Poland in numerous international cosplay competitions such as International Cosplay League, Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup or Cosplay World Masters. During the finals of ICL 2022 she managed to get second place in the group category, together with Talon from Talon's Cosplay Crusade.

Talon is a cosplayer with almost 9 years of competitive experience. He won numerous prizes in local and international contests, including first place at Cosplay World Masters 2022 and second place together with Bish from Bishcuit Cosplay in the group category of the international Cosplay League 2022. In his craft, he specializes in highly detailed, impressive armors and props, in combination with highly demanding skit choreography.