youmacon garage sale
The Youmacon Garage Sale is a flea/yard/market sale event held at Youmacon Thursday night from 6pm-10pm. The purpose of the Youmacon Garage Sale is to give Youmacon Attendees a chance to sell items they no longer need their collections.
  • Garage Sale spots are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Spots are limited, so applicants are encouraged to show up early. However, setup will not be permitted prior to check in.
  • Garage Sale Tables are either 6ft straight tables or rounds
  • The Cost per table will be $20 for a half section and $40 for a full section
  • Garage Sale participants are not required to stay until the end of the Garage Sale, but those who wish to leave early must notify the Garage Sale team so we can ensure that your area is inspected and clean
  • Youmacon staff reserve the right to determine if too many items are being displayed in a single space based on safety concerns. In the instance that too much material is being sold in a single space, the owner of the space will be required to remove some of their items, or be given the option to purchase another space if one is available.
  • Youmacon staff reserves reserve the right to refuse the selling of items deemed inappropriate for sale
  • No dangerous materials or items that can be considered weapons are allowed in the Garage Sale. Attendees are also forbidden to sell food or drink.
  • No Animals are permitted within the garage sale except those permitted under US Code Title 3 36.301-36.302 and other applicable US/state/local laws
  • Original artwork and craft work are also not permitted to be sold, and those interested in selling these items should apply for an Artist Alley table.
  • No bootleg merchandise is allowed (pirate or home-burned CDs or DVDs, etc). All merchandise must be visible for inspection
  • No grab bags, mystery boxes, loot boxes, or bundles of undefined content will be permitted in the garage sale.
  • Youmacon staff is not responsible for any material that does not sell in the Garage Sale.
  • Youmacon staff reserves the right to resell a table that has been vacated prior to the end time and to prorate the rate for that space
  • Youmacon will not provide carts, hand trucks, change, tape, labels, pens, pencils or markers. Youmacon will NOT be providing electrical power connections OR any kind of Wi-Fi for this event. If you require an internet connection for credit card transactions, make arrangements with the Marriott or your wireless provider in advance.
  • Failure to abide by the rules of these spaces will result in consequences appropriate to the infraction and may include but are not limited to (warnings, or revocation of table).