artist alley application process
AI Generated works are NOT permitted in the Youmacon Marketplace
Youmacon will not tolerate any person who creates works of art, music, anime, manga, light novels, books, coloring books, etc with the help of an AI program for profit. Anyone caught utilizing AI in their works at the convention will have their memberships revoked, their table will be forfeit without reimbursement, and they will be escorted out of the event.
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artist alley application
Artist Alley Information
Our jury system is NOT first come-first served, and will be juried via a group that does not have ties to Youmacon, nor any of the people who volunteer or work for the convention. They serve as a bias-free jurying panel. I am providing a list of rules set by them on what they are looking for in the application process. Once this goes live, there will no changes made to their processes.
1. Please make sure you read and fill out everything correctly once, as multiple entries will disqualify your application. Also, you may not ask us to change your application/or let us know if there was a mistake you made. Please do not rush, this is not first come-first serve!
2. You may not apply under multiple names, aliases, or businesses that you own. This will cause all of your applications to be rejected, and may affect your chances of vending at future events. However, YOU MAY, add a preferred name if you do not wish to be addressed by your legal name. This is added into the form as well as what pronouns you prefer.
3. You must be 18+ at the time of applying. All helpers and studio mates must also be 18+ at the time of applying.
4. You cannot apply for Vendors once you apply and receive a judgement on your status has been emailed. Please understand you may not apply to both sides in hopes of one returning a status allowing you to vend at the show. Both applications will be disqualified if this takes place.
5. If you wish to partner with someone and share a table, you may apply as a Studio. All members must be accounted for, and additions may not be added once the application has been sent in.
6. If you are making a special name for the Studio just for the show, you must list each person’s name down, as well as the name of business.
7. Your portfolio must contain at least 15 or more of your works (past, present, or current). Anything less than this will be disqualified. All images must be SFW ONLY.
8. Crafters, if you do not have 15 current items for review, please feel free to provide pictures of older works if you can. Please let us know if you are limited in this capacity.
9. When applying and you have more than one page/site with your arts or crafts, please use a landing page for your links (i.e Linktree, Carrd, etc).
10. Please use sites that we can access without using a login or paywall to view work. Any site that requires a login, the jury team will need to be given either public access to, or guest login information in order to review your work. If the team cannot review your works, your application will be disqualified. Please see the section on Websites for more details.
11. You may not apply for the Vendor side if you are waitlisted or disqualified.
12. Please do not send pictures of your booth spaces from other conventions as set up is different from each show. The only thing we are judging you on is your artwork.
13. There will be no list to show who is waitlisted, nor will your position be listed, please do not ask.
All applicants will be notified once all decisions have been made. An email will be sent to all approved applicants, as well as waitlisted and rejected (due to rule 1 & 2) applicants. Those who have been approved will be sent the contract for signing and return. The Artist contract must be returned in the same format as it was sent, along with your real signature.
There are many apps and the uses of your smart phone (depending on brand/model) that allows you turn photos of documents in the PDF format it was sent. Altering any portions of the contract will disqualify you, and we will move on to the next person on the list.
You will have 48 hours to return the signed document back the department before an invoice is sent.
Once the invoice as been sent, you will have up to 7 days to complete your payment. There will be no payment plan options if you are unable to make payment in the time allotted. If you fail to secure payment in time, you will be removed from this year’s queue, and we will move on to the next applicant.
What Items are Permitted in Youmacon Artist Alley?
  • Prints.
  • Paintings.
  • Sculpture.
  • Self-published works.
  • T-Shirts
  • Clothing Merchandise that will not present a fire or tripping hazard.
  • Stickers (you must follow the rules of the convention center if you sell them.)
  • Plushies of your design.
  • Small accessories (ie, keychains, charms, magnets, etc.)
  • Your own designed bags & ITA bags.
  • Tabletop games of your design.
  • Dice – Hand crafted (3D Printed, sculpted, resin cast, pepakura, etc.) and you must supply proper evidence that you made them yourself. Manufactured dice are not permitted, even if you personally designed the sets.
  • Resin items (must display copyrighted works, logos or trademark works.)
  • 3D printed merchandise must be of your own design, or printed with the designer’s permission. If you use places like Thingaverse or Myminifactory, you must include links to the designs, and they must show that commercial use is permitted.
  • NSFW Artwork - must cover parts of the art that are considered 18+ (or not appropriate for minors to see) and you much check IDs for each Adult piece you sell.
  • Stationary that you have created.
  • Buttons.
  • Pins of your design.
  • Pillows, plushies and blankets.
  • Self-care items such as soap, bath salts, candles, or makeup. Must be labeled by FDA regulations and requirements.
  • Jewelry you designed.
  • Woodworking/laser cut.
  • Leatherwork
  • Taking art/craft commissions.
The Following Items are Forbidden from sale at Youmacon
  • AI created works of any kind.
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) of any kind
  • Food or Drink (only permitted with advanced permission).
  • Bootleg or Pirated merchandise (IP or Copyright infringing).
  • Garage Kits
  • Weapons
  • Mass produced items that do not primarily feature your artwork
  • Raffle/Giveaway Items
  • Traced copyrighted work
  • Commercialized items of any kind (videos, CDs, figures, plush, dice, manga etc.)
  • “Yard sale”/used items or personal affects.
  • Large pieces of clothing, suits of any kind (ie, large dresses, props, coats, or items that cannot be stored where they will pose a fire/trip hazard, or spill out of your allotted space).
  • Hard core adult goods (ie, sex toys, adult goods, adult products, etc.)
  • Copyrighted 3D prints.
This is not an exhaustive list, but simply some of the most common examples of prohibited items. The Marketplace Crew and convention management shall reserve final judgment regarding whether any given item is acceptable for sale in the Youmacon Marketplace.
Artist Alley Pricing
***Pricing listed does not include taxes and fees
standard table:
additional badges:
Artists will receive one (1) 8ft x 30” table, two (2) chairs & 1 badge, and paper trash bin. Artists can buy extra helper badge for $65 (Max is 2). Maximum height of displays is not to exceed 8' tall from floor and must fit within your allotted space. Artists are asked not to encroach upon their neighbor’s space unless they are given permission. Artists are limited to one (1) table only.
Additional information for Artists when applying to vend at Youmacon
As stated above in step 10 of the application process, the Jury Team has put forth that your portfolio or galleries must be accessible by public, non-limited means. Social media sites have changed how they work, and many limit or stop you from viewing pages unless you are logged in, or provide personal information in the case of Cloud Storage.
The Jury Team has marked the following sites as not acceptable for your Portfolio Review:
  • Meta Platforms (Facebook, IG, Threads)
  • X/Twitter
  • Any website that limits access via paywall to view content (Ko-Fi, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc.)
  • Any website that requires the viewer to be logged into to view your profile/portfolio.
  • Virtual Storage Platforms (Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, Box, etc)
  • Tumblr
If you have your own website, that is preferable if your Gallery or Portfolio are public, or you can provide access to the Jury Team. The following are examples of acceptable sites to use:
  • Artstation
  • DeviantArt
  • Etsy
  • Pixiv
  • Flickr
50/50 Rule
Anyone who joins us this year for the Marketplace understands that whether you are an Artist, or Artist that is selling on the Vendor side, you must adhere to the rule. This rule was not created to alienate artists whose artwork and content is primarily focused on fan art of commercial works. This means that no less than 50% of what you bring, and present should be of your own original designs and works. A reminder that industry will be present and can require you to remove any pieces of work based on the properties that they hold license to. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to entirely carry and sell original works of your own making.
If you are a rollover and you wish to stay on the list to join us this year at Youmacon, there is nothing for you do at all. Your applications are already handled, emails on information will be sent to you. Time is TBA.
If you are a returning vendor, you know the basics of applying for our show. While intended for new applicants, there are some updates and changes since our prior event. This is a general information form that will let you know what we are looking for with our applications, a brief rundown of our rules and policies, and to get you a feel for what to expect.
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artist alley application