youmacon ribbon game
What is the Ribbon Game?
The ribbon game is like a scavenger hunt of sorts where throughout the convention weekend you can seek out ribbon dealers and complete a small task to earn a ribbon usually related to the task you just did. The goal is to help break the ice between people at the con and in the process of collecting as many ribbons as possible, gain some new friends in people you may have never met otherwise!
Do we have to sign up to be part of the game?
The ribbon game is open to any and everyone, no sign up required.
How will I know who’s a dealer?
You can always feel free to ask a person wearing ribbons on their badge if they have any ribbons to earn or where/who they got their ribbons from! As we are still in the early stages of organization, what other offerings we’ll have to identify dealers is currently unknown. We’ll most likely have a button like other cons.
Checking our Facebook page is a good way to see what’s out there and where. Some panels/photo shoots/meetups will have a collection of ribbon dealers in attendance. The dealer’s hall and artist’s alley are a good spot to check for dealers that don’t move. Ribbon Ops also has a wide variety of ribbons to earn in fun and interactive ways. And don’t be afraid to ask people with long chains if they can point you in the right direction!
I want to be a Dealer! How do I design ribbons?
There isn’t an easy text based answer to this question as there are a few different ways to design. Programs like Microsoft Word, Paint, Gimp, Photoshop and Inkscape can and have all been used to produce useable ribbon templates. Templates must contain the colors black and white only. No greyscale. Templates need to be 3.4”x0.9”. Small pictures will be even smaller on a ribbon. Remember to keep it simple! Big and bold is best! Reach out to an admin or mod if you’re struggling or need further/more specific assistance. We’re happy to help.
Here’s a good place to start:
How to Create a Basic Ribbon Template
Is there a limit to what I can put on my ribbon?
As Youmacon is an all ages event, please keep your designs legal and PG-13.
How much do ribbons cost?
A lot less than you probably think! When going through the group order, if we have at least 25 participants, a new design will run about 32 USD. That’s 18 cents a ribbon plus a 14 USD setup fee. And that’s for 100 ribbons of one design! (Setup fee is waived for reorders! Making those 18 USD)
How do I join the group order?
Check out the group order link below and fill that out. Once you are contacted to provide your payment, you will be added to the group order. Submissions close August 31st, with payment due September 8th. (These dates are subject to change). Ribbons ordered via the group will be available for pickup during the convention, at Ribbon Ops.
When submitting a design, does it need to be vector?
Yes and no. If you go through the group order, we’ve had no issues submitting non-vector files, though MarcoPromos does prefer it. If you’re submitting on your own, vector may be your only option.
Can I order ribbons on my own?
Absolutely you can! Group ordering isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. Some good sites to use if you decide to go this route are Marco Promos, Ribbons Galore or PC Nametag. There are also some great resources out there for how to make your very own ribbons all at home!
Do I have to have my own ribbons to play?
Absolutely not! This activity is designed to be approachable to all. We try our very best to prevent it becoming a “pay to play”. Most often you’ll just have to complete a small task to earn yourself a ribbon from someone if you don’t have ribbons of your own. But we also welcome other trinkets (ex. Kandi, pins, stickers)
I love the ribbon game! How do I get more involved?
We’re so glad you asked! As this game gets bigger and the love for it grows, we’ll need your support more than ever. Check out our Volunteer Application linked below.
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