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***Pricing listed does not include taxes and fees
Thank you for applying to be a Vendor at our event. Youmacon is an annual festival of Japanese Anime and Media taking place in the heart of Detroit and ranks as one of the top 10 Anime events in North America.
If you are a returning vendor, you know the basics of applying for our show. While intended for new applicants, there are some updates and changes since our prior event. This is a general information form that will let you know what we are looking for with our applications, a brief rundown of our rules and policies, and to get you a feel for what to expect.
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vendor application
Marketplace Hours
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Accessibility & VIP Attendees
General Attendees
12:30pm - 8:00pm
1:00pm - 8:00pm
10:00am - 8:00pm
10:30am - 8:00pm
11:00am - 4:00pm
Since 2005, Youmacon has hosted many vendors and artists from across North America to sell various merchandise from across the globe to our ever-growing attendee base. Currently our event brings in well over 20,000 unique visitors to Detroit, and it is our want to help cater to our fans with the best selection of merchandise from Anime, Videogames, and Pop Culture from all over. To this, we host a Juried Dealer’s Room, which means that we select what vendors we allow in based on what types of merchandise you carry.
Why a Juried Room? Jurying allows us to weigh in on the amount a specific type of merchandise is let into our event so as not to have a surplus of [X] goods in the room. We do not want too many vendors who sell primarily Gundam models or BeyBlades (purely as examples) simply because that floods the room with [X], and we want you to have the best chance to make the sales you are aiming for by joining us. The more diverse or unique your brand or merchandise, the better you are likely to do.
Please note that our Jury system is NOT first-come-first-served, and with that we ask that you please take your time when submitting your application.
In the case of Artists applying for a Dealer’s booth in the Vendor’s side of the Marketplace, your application will be juried via an independent group that assists Youmacon in this process, but otherwise are unaffiliated with the convention. They serve as a bias-free jurying panel. We will present the list of rules set by them on what they are looking for in your application.
Application Information
1. Please make sure you read and fill out everything correctly once, as multiple entries will disqualify your application. Do not rush through your application. Take your time. Once you turn in your application, we are unable to make changes or alterations. Please take your time.
2. You will be asked to provide the basic information about your business and the details of how many spaces, tables, and badges you will need to operate it.
3. You (business owner) must be 18+ at the time of applying. All employees must also be 18+ at the time of applying.
4. You cannot apply for Artist Alley once you apply for a vendor booth. Please understand, you may only apply to 1 side of the Marketplace. If you apply for both sides, you negate both and neither application will be eligible for this year’s event.
5. Vendors – If you are looking to have more than one business present in your booth(s), you must declare them and ask for permission for them to join you as Subletting of your space is not permitted without authorization of the Marketplace Head.
6. Artists - If you wish to partner with other artists and share a booth together, you should apply under a studio name. All members must be accounted for, and additions cannot be added once the application has been sent in.
7. Artists – when you submit your portfolio for review, it must contain at least 15 or more examples of your works (past, present, or current). We request that all examples be SFW ONLY. Please ensure that the Jury Team can publicly access your portfolio and is not behind a Login screen or Paywall. When applying and you have more than one page/site with your arts/ crafts, please use a landing page for your links (i.e. Linktree, Carrd, etc.).
8. The Vendor application has a series of questions that must be answered or agreed to. Most pertain to what you sell, give basic details about your business, and so you are aware of and acknowledge our rules and policies.
9. Youmacon does not allow for the sale of AI Generated works.
10. It is your responsibility as a vendor to research the merchandise you carry, and that you ensure the legitimacy of all products you carry. If the IP products you bring with you are not properly licensed, or violate Copyrights, you will be removed from the event. *Please use common sense when sourcing your goods. A much more detailed explanation is outlined in the Vendor Application.
11. Bootleg and Pirated merchandise are not allowed for sale or display at Youmacon.
12. You may only sell in your designated space. Any sales outside of the Marketplace without written permission are grounds for removal from the event.
13. You may only sell in your designated space. Any sales outside of the Marketplace without written permission are grounds for removal from the event.
The Following Items are Forbidden from sale at Youmacon
  • AI created works of any kind.
  • Vitamin supplements
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) of any kind
  • Food or Drink (only permitted with advanced permission).
  • Bootleg or Pirated merchandise (IP or Copyright infringing).
  • Copies or reproductions of videogames, music, videos, or print materials.
  • Weapons (only permitted with advanced permission)
  • Any replica weapons, whether or not they are licensed merchandise. *This includes Keyblades, Buster swords, Gunblades, dulled swords, etc.)
  • Airsoft products or similar projectile items or goods.
  • Raffle/Giveaway items
  • Traced copyrighted work
  • Paraphernalia.
  • Hate merchandise of any kind.
  • This is not an exhaustive list, but simply some of the most common examples of prohibited items. The Marketplace Crew and convention management shall reserve final judgment regarding whether any given item is acceptable for sale in the Youmacon Marketplace.
This is not an exhaustive list, but simply some of the most common examples of prohibited items. The Marketplace Crew and convention management shall reserve final judgment regarding whether any given item is acceptable for sale in the Youmacon Marketplace.
Marketplace Pricing
standard Booth:
additional booth(s):
corner booth:
additional badges:
All booth spaces are 10ft x 10ft and come with an 8ft x 30in table, 2 chairs, pipe, and drapes. Your first booth comes with 2 badges [Vendor and Helper]. Any booths after your 1st will come with 1 additional badge. You may pay for up to 4 booths max; any more than 4 you must fill out a 2nd application, and these booths cannot be placed by each other [as per venue union policy].
If you are a rollover and you wish to stay on the list to join us this year at Youmacon, there is nothing for you do at all. Your application is already handled, and emails on information will be sent to you.
Additional information for Artists when applying for the Marketplace
As stated above in the application process, the Jury Team has put forth that your portfolio or galleries must be accessible by public, non-limited means. Social media sites have changed how they work, and many limit or stop you from viewing pages unless you are logged in or provide personal information in the case of Cloud Storage.
The Jury Team has marked the following sites as not acceptable for your Portfolio Review:
  • Meta Platforms (Facebook, IG, Threads)
  • X/Twitter
  • Any website that limits access via paywall to view content (Ko-Fi, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc.)
  • Any website that requires the viewer to be logged into to view your profile/portfolio.
  • Virtual Storage Platforms (Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, Box, etc)
  • Tumblr
If you have your own website, that is preferable if your Gallery or Portfolio are public, or you can provide access to the Jury Team. The following are examples of acceptable sites to use:
  • Artstation
  • DeviantArt
  • Etsy
  • Pixiv
  • Flickr
Additional information for Artists when applying for the Marketplace
Anyone who joins us this year for the Marketplace understands that whether you are an Artist, or Artist that is selling on the Vendor side, you must adhere to the rule. This rule was not created to alienate artists whose artwork and content is primarily focused on fan art of commercial works. This means that no less than 50% of what you bring, and present should be of your own original designs and works. A reminder that industry will be present and can require you to remove any pieces of work based on the properties that they hold license to. Please note that it is perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) to entirely carry and sell original works of your own making.
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