I have a background in arts and crafts (BA Fine Arts) so my eye is trained for colors, proportions and textures. Can easily sculpt small props and my paint job is pretty good. Also, my hairdresser skills come handy when making wigs, for me wigs are just sculpting with hair!

I love making costumes that are simple at first glance, but when you look closer they

are well-tailored and with complicated inner structures. Gravity-defying wigs, huge bows, corsets, wings, puffy sleeves - that’s up from my alley. I am self-taught in sewing and pattern drafting and am always looking to learn new skills and techniques. I have represented Estonia in international competitions and my eye is well trained for noticing details when it comes to competition costumes. I consider myself very mindful of different international competition rules and I can provide detailed feedback when requested. Very sociable and love meeting new people, especially the ones we have something in com-mon with - cosplayers, creatives and geeks. I’m very supportive to newcomers and try to share my knowledge with the community - making lectures about wig making, competitive cosplay and sharing tips and tricks in my costume builds.