Terrence O’Brian Henderson

Drawing before he could walk, Terrence has always had an eye for fashion. While other kids were sketching dinosaurs and dragons, he found himself doodling pea coats and ball gowns in his notebooks. As this love of design and fashion grew over the years, Terrence took his first sewing class and fell in love with the alchemy of bringing his ideas into reality, going on to graduate from the Art Institute of Charlotte with honors.

Terrence O’Brian Henderson, @TheBlackBard, is an award-winning cosplayer who has traveled throughout the USA competing, attending conventions, and judging cosplay and masquerade competitions. Recently, he competed on the first-ever design competition show “Sew Fierce” in Canada, about drag/costume designers. Catch the first EP of season 1 on Youtube, and the entire season on OutTv and FuseTv. He continues to create custom looks for private clients and work with top drag talent across the country and internationally. He also continues to focus and advocate for Black/Brown and Queer representation in the cosplay/convention/gaming industry.

Website: https://www.theblackbard.com/

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