We have some exciting news for you!

We are proud to announce a first-time special event: TUBEOUT! x Youmacon Detroit!

What is TUBEOUT!?

Glad you asked! It's a gathering of amazing VTuber singers and performers coming together in a live virtual concert that is being stream adjust for you. This will be the first time TUBEOUT! takes place outside of Japan!


New to Youmacon? Here’s a quick breakdown for you.

Youmacon is one of the largest fan-run Anime conventions in North America. It takes place in Detroit, Michigan every November near Halloween and is going into its 19th year. Youmacon was the first to ever host a Maid Cafe outside of Japan, and has been certified as authentic by the Akihabara Tourist Bureau. They were also recognized as a cultural partner by the city of Tendo, Japan for hosting their own take on Live-Action Shougi.

When is this awesome event taking place?

Friday November 3rd at 10pm EST / Saturday November 4th 11amJST


You will be able to watch us live in Detroit, Michigan at Youmacon 2023!

If you're able to join us in Detroit, please be sure to use the code: TUBEOUT when registering online to take $5 offyour (3-day) weekend badge!


If Detroit is a little far for you, we will also be streaming live on SPWN.


We’re excited for you to come check us out!


November 3, 2023 (EDT)

OPEN 9:30 PM / START 10:00 PM

Performers joining us for this first of its kind international event are:

Suo Patra

Kanade Mimi

【Tickets are available at】


https://virtual.spwn.jp/events/23110402-engtubeout (streaming)

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