Special Guest

Long time Youmacon personality known for his many antics across various fields of media, Kroze has been sticking his head into all sorts of projects for many years now. From writing, to music, to voice acting, and even hosting an online game show involving people playing video games over dunk tanks, Kroze keeps on plugging away at whatever new projects pop up. He’s been involved in helping online groups such as TeamFourStar, Rooster Teeth, SFS Animation, 91.8 The Fan, ComicOnline and more! He even was involved with writing the official theme song to the ABC Studios TV show Lost. Currently Kroze can be found voice casting and directing several indie video games (including a couple upcoming VR titles) along with working on an upcoming brand new anime inspired music album with his long time collaborators Baschfire and Hatch. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also in charge of marketing and licensing for the tabletop game company Solis Game Studios working on the recently crowned “Best of GenCon 2022” dueling game Pocket Paragons. He just won’t stop until he is able to get himself into an actual episode of Kamen Rider in some way/shape/or form… yes Toei, this is in fact a threat. Come check out Kroze’s various antics and don’t be afraid to stop and say hi! Especially if you are down to chat some Tokusatsu!

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