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After two decades of solo careers, the three composers behind the most popular music in the English dub of Dragon Ball Z have joined again! SSJ is taking a 21st Century spin on their own iconic tunes they created for over 200 episodes, in a series of live performances that are as authentic as they are high energy.
Michael Smith – A Dallas, Texas native, following his music composition studies at Southern Methodist University, Mike started off as a keyboard player, then got involved with Faulconer Productions and began composing for the Ginyu Saga of DBZ in 1998. Mike has since worked in television, marketing, and digital media, and is a founding member of the band Safety Meeting, which continues to perform to a loyal following and grow its presence around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. http://www.safetymeeting.rocks

Scott Morgan is a composer, sound designer, and software engineer. He joined Faulconer Productions Music after earning a degree in Music Theory at UNT. He edited and performed music for DBZ, and composed several popular themes. Scott spent 15 years working with video game audio technology, working as a test engineer and composer on titles such as Empires Dawn of the Modern World and Blak Ops 3. He continues to pump out music on YouTube under the alias MorganStudios, having released 5 albums and 120 videos to date. He is now a Lead Developer at Roland Virtual Sonics in Seattle, WA. http://morganstudios.com
Julius Dobos is an award-winning electronic music & film composer, producer, sound synthesist and performer. Composing since age 9, he had scored feature movies in his native Europe before joining the DBZ team in 2000. After DBZ, Julius worked on high-budget movies such as Zohan, MallCop, The Zookeeper and on various television shows. To date, he has released eleven albums worldwide, including a platinum. Julius launched his solo project, forgotten future, in 2015, designing and performing psybient / epic ambient music to an international audience. He is also lecturing as Distinguished Professor in the San Francisco Bay Area. http://www.juliusdobos.com

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